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    A hedgehog from the future, Silver travels back in time in order to create a better future.

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    Silver is 14 years old in the newest Sonic games.


    Height: 3'3"

    Weight: 77 lbs.


    Silver can move very fast like Sonic and has some other powers as well. Silver can perform telekinesis in offense, like picking up and throwing someone, or defense, like stopping an object in mid-air. Silver can also hover, levitate, and warp with his telekinesis. Can use his mental abilities to create strong telekinetic force fields usually used for defensive purposes.

    Silver has psionic abilities as well. Silver can produce powerful brain waves that can paralyze or kill enemies. He can also, wipe an enemas memory for a short time, leaving them vulnerable.

    In Sonic Universe 8, Sliver uses a Chaos Emerald to perform "Chronos Control" to send himself in farther into the future.

    Silver can also become powered up into super Silver form (gold/white). When Silver is powered up he is invincible but needs rings to maintain this form. Also, Silver's telekinetic abilities are far more powerful in super Silver form.


    Silver lives in a ruined city on Onyx Island, a crashed Angel Island. The Space Colony ARK is visible on the horizon, still burning after 200 years.


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