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    Silver, and her brother Auric, tried to overthrow the government of Hong Kong to prevent Chinese control. When they failed, they fled to Canada where they joined Gamma Flight.

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    Silver is one of two Chinese-born siblings Jimon and Zhao Tang, and at some point after puberty they had manifested their mutant powers. It is known that after they had manifested their mutant powers that the Chinese government recruited them and gave them the codenames of Silver and Gold into China Force. China Force was their attempt at creating a team of super-powered operatives as a response to the United States and the Soviet Union having their own governmentally sanctioned super powered forces.

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    However at the time three members of China Force left deciding to defect, and both siblings chose to attempt to leave with them. Deciding to sneak into the British ruled Hong Kong the group soon attempted to overthrow the government in order to prevent the historically planned transition of Hong Kong back to Chinese government. Their plans did not succeed and the defectors stopped their alliance and went their separate ways in hopes to not be caught and returned to the Chinese government.

    Changing his name from Gold to Auric he and his sibling Silver sought out political asylum in Canada. Due to Canada's own national team of Alpha Flight had left their ties to the Canadian government had gone into hiding, the Canadian government had quickly began the gathering operatives to form another team to replace them. Both Jimon and Zhao would be granted political asylum if they agreed to serve as members of the reformed Gamma Flight, in this way Auric and his sister would become Canadian citizens.

    After returning from a dimensional hopping series of adventures Alpha Flight they discovered that the Canadian government had already replaced them with the new Gamma Flight. The teams than first met when they responded to a supernatural crisis in Montreal and worked together to end a series of demonic possessions. Gamma Flight than informed Alpha Flight that the Canadian government was no longer sanctioning Alpha Flight, and that they would be taken into custody if they attempted to continue to operate within Canada.

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    Soon enough Gamma Flight received a report of Alpha Flight being active again and as the other members of the team seemed eager to take down the rival group the siblings did not. Though Alpha Flight allowed themselves be arrested, they soon broke after realizing that Llan the Sorceror, a mystical enemy, had laid out plans to invade Earth itself. After encountering Gamma Flight yet again and defeating them Alpha Flight was finally able to convince them that they had to unite and defeat Llan. Auric and Silver assisted both teams in confronting Llan's powerful forces and after an intense battle they helped defeat Llan.

    Both Canadian teams official government affiliation was decided in a government hearing. Alpha Flight was able to clear their name and reputation and soon was re-established as the Canadian governments main super powered team. It was decided that Gamma Flight would be downgraded to training team under Alpha’s supervision. Upon hearing of the changes Silver’s teammate, Wild Child, mentally snapped and injured several people while on a mad rampage. Wildchild's mad fit was stopped and he was contained and about to be shipped off to prison, however Nemesis, Gamma Flight’s leader, stepped up for him. She demanded from the rest of the Gamma Flight members to stand by Wild Child’s side, but Silver and Auric had no such interest. Instead they chose to quit altogether and return to their native China to continue fighting for freedom and democracy.

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    They were still in Vancouver preparing to return to China when they came under attack by operatives of the corporation Target Technologies. The corporation had invented a series of technology to neutralize super-powers, and after a short battle they easily defeated and kidnapped Silver and her brother Auric. Apparently the corporation had previously captured other super powered individuals before them. This event would be the demise of Auric who would be killed and dissected to be experimented on by the corporation. Silver was exposed to a series of painful tests and probes to determine the nature of her mutant powers. Jimon was found by the New Warriors and Spider-Man, but she pleaded with them to not waste precious time trying to get her freed. Hating having to decide and having Silver make the New Warriors do as she had begged them to do they left her. Discovering that the Sphinx had been behind the events they started a battle in which the Sphinx exploded after being overloaded with Speedball’s massive amounts of kinetic energy. Silver joined her brother in death when the entire building collapsed.

    Alpha Flight soon held a funeral for Jimon and Zhao a few weeks later, however they discovered the coffins were empty. Setting out to investigate the disappearance of the siblings corpses, Alpha Flight learned that a scientist named Hedison who was a member of the crew sent by Target Technologies to secure the site of the explosion had a strange encounter. He had registered a kinetic energy signature right before he had a vision of Auric and Silver reaching out to him. Hedison had been kidnapped but Alpha Flight had managed to track him down. They found the scientist and the corpses of their friends in the possession of the Brass Bishop, who planned on extracting the Sphinx’s omnipotent energies they had all been infused with and sell them to the highest bidder. While the Brass Bishop was busy fighting Alpha Flight, Silver, Auric and Hedison merged into a single, new entity. At first out for vengeance, the composite creature was soon convinced by Alpha Flight to honor the legacy of the Chinese siblings by not turning into a killer. It then departed from Earth into space and has not been seen or heard from since.


    Silver was created by James Hudnall and first appeared in Marvel Graphic Novel; Rick Mason The Agent #1. She was introduced into the Marvel Universe mainstream by John Calimee in 1989 and appeared in Alpha Flight # 76.

    Powers & Abilities

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    Silver was a mutant with the latent ability to control her bodies inner temperature. This ability allowed her to generate beams of extreme cold through her eyes. These optic blasts would disperse all of the heat energy within matter, thereby flash freezing the object making it brittle or frozen within a solid block of ice. She also manifested the ability to fly although the exact limits of her flying powers had not been documented.


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