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    Trebia Riljeigh of Buenapar is a historian/heroine of the universe in the 30th Century who has once made contact with members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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    Silver Sword is a character created for the series Legion of Super-Heroes and first appeared in the storyline #32-Forgotten Heroes, March of 1987.


    A native of the planet Buenapar and knight of the prestigious Society of Historical Speculation, Silver Sword is captured by the villain Universo as he sees her as a possible threat to his plans. Held under mental control and imprisoned on Universos planet she would come in contact with members of the legion of Super-Heroes and be freed.

    Character Evolution

    Original Continuity: New Earth

    Warrior Historian
    Warrior Historian

    Trebia Rijleigh of the planet Buenapar is a historian and member of the Society of Historical Speculation, whom call themselves "knights".

    Following her psuedo-vid presentation of her version of the War of Roses, the Society presented Trebia with her very own sword and armor. While the sword itself is a recreation, through Trebia it comes alive by her very own power, granting her strength and endurance beyond those of normal people. Stories of her accomplishments as "the Silver Sword" have passed throughout various academic communities, and many members of SHS branches have travelled to meet and fight Trebia in play combat. Trebia has bested them all, including cyborgs programmed to fight.

    For the reasons mentioned above, Trebia was abducted by Universo's agents after she busted an illegal trading ring under Universo's supervision. Brainwashed and placed amongst various other superheroes in a slave colony, Trebia would be freed from Universo's control by a quartet of Legionnaires. After helping to demolish the slave colony, Trebia returned to her home planet, where she continues to have adventures as the Silver Sword.

    Powers and Abilities

    Silver Sword has demonstrated high levels of skills in both unarmed combat and swordsmanship.

    Weapons and Paraphernalia

    Silver Sword is fitted in a total head to toe power suit. This power suit enables her to have superhuman strength and a large measure of invulnerability. The exact limits of both these traits of her power suit have not been determined.

    She also carries a silver sword which also serves as her namesake. The sword appears to be highly damage resistant showing durability against various substances. It has cleaved through metals and rocks, absorbed energy blasts and returned them.


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