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    [Continued from ELEKTRA/CYBLADE #1.]

    In the western desert of the U. S. of Top Cow's dimension, Mephisto creates an oasis, and in the center, a temple. By his side are his ally, N'Golth of the T'Srri, and his brainwashed lieutenant, Heatwave of Cyber Force. Also present is his prisoner, Cyblade.

    Soon, pilgrims gather at the temple in increasing numbers, including Jamie Tarleton, the mind-controlled missing member of Weapon Zero known as Fist, along with Mephisto's agent, Erisha.

    In the reaches of space in the Marvel Universe, meanwhile, the Silver Surfer observes a column of demons traversing a portal to another dimension, and he senses the hand of Mephisto behind it.

    At the temple a figure in priestly robes oversees a ritual baptism that delivers more souls to Mephisto. The preist then exposes the members of Weapon Zero who had been covertly moving through the crowd. Suddenly, a beam of light shines down upon the scene as Silver Surfer reveals the preist's true nature: he is Mephisto. Mephisto sends his demons after the Surfer, and Weapon Zero join the fray. When Mephisto causes the earth to crack and belch fire, Erisha convinces Jamie to leave the area with her.

    Mephisto binds Lilith and Silver Surfer within the armor she wears, immobilizing them, then invites N'Golth to slay them. Nearby, Heatwave and the shackled Cyblade watch, and she continues to try to break through to him. Finally, he shakes off the mind-control, and delivers a fiery blast to N'Golth. Heatwave then takes on Mephisto sacrificing himself to rid the world of the demon, as they soar into the sky and vanish.

    With Mephisto gone, all his works revert to what they were before. Silver Surfer leaves to return to his own universe, leaving Cyblade and Weapon Zero to pick up the pieces.


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