Silver Surfer: Requiem #4

    Silver Surfer: Requiem » Silver Surfer: Requiem #4 - Part Four: Agnus Dei released by Marvel Knights on October 1, 2007.

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    The latest offering from the Marvel Knights line concludes!

    For untold years, Norrin Radd surfed the galaxy, exploring the darkness between stars, witnessing the rise and fall of vast civilizations.

    Now his ride comes to an end. Zenn-La, the planet of his birth, the planet he saved through his own sacrifice -- the Silver Surfer crossed the galaxy to draw his last breath here.

    He’s home.

    What waits for him?

    Norrin is traveling home, back to Zenn-La. He needs to go back home to spend his remaining time there. He is speeding through the cosmos, he is very weak. He is so weak that he crashes instead of lands when he arrives. Once he falls through the atmosphere, he awakes to Shalla Ball holding him. She is trying to take care of him, but begins to cry. After a few days, the leading scientists of Zenn-La declare their top science can do nothing to aid Norrin. Shalla Ball is desperate to save him, she even wants to give back her portion of the Power Cosmic given to her, something that could possibly kill her. However, Norrin convinces her not to, stating do not regret my death, for I have never regretted anything I have done for you and our people. Norrin was layed out on a bed to spend his remaining time. People from all over Zenn-La came to show their thanks for what the Surfer has done for them. As they touched his hand, they each were bestowed with something that came to be known as the "Mark of Norrin." Whenever anger, violence, or hatred came into the thoughts of the people of Zenn-La, the mark would begin to change colors and remind the people of the sacrifice and many great deeds Norrin did for them. As Norrin is lying on his death bed, he spots Galactus' ship descending upon the planet. He screams out in horror, claiming since that he gave his life to protect Zenn-La, Galactus must have came back now that Norrin is dying to claim Zenn-La once again. Norrin staggers to his feet, marching toward Galactus to fend him off yet again. Galactus greets Norrin and lifts him to eye level with him. Galactus actually trys to heal Norrin, unfortunately to no avail. He then discounts that he is present to devour the planet, rather he came to show his appreciation to the Surfer, the most honorable being he has ever known. He declares that Norrin should let go of the pains of flesh and be at peace. Galactus remained on Zenn-La for the entire three day funeral ceremonies. Soon after, Norrin passes away peacefully, with Shalla Bal by his side. Shalla Bal requests a favor from Galactus and he humbly accepts. Galactus takes the body of Norrin and forms a star from his remains as a reminder in the night sky of the Silver Surfer.



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