Silver Surfer: Requiem #2

    Silver Surfer: Requiem » Silver Surfer: Requiem #2 - Part Two: Sanctus released by Marvel Knights on August 1, 2007.

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    The latest offering from the Marvel Knights line. Guest-starring Spider-Man!

    For untold years, Norrin Radd has surfed the galaxy, exploring the darkness between stars, witnessing the rise and fall of vast civilizations. Now his ride is about to come to an end. It starts with a small spot -- a blemish that will spread until he is no more. Until then, the Silver Surfer will undertake his final voyage -- to the one destination that has always eluded him. But first, a much-needed consultation with an old friend -- Spider-Man…

    Spider-Man is fighting a criminal that stole an army armored weapon that was being transported. It is virtually indestructible and his weapon won't even stick to it. Peter Parker was trying to buy a pair of earrings for Mary Jane's birthday when the news reported the theft. It doesn't look too good for Spider-Man but he is not one to back away from a fight, especially when he sees a bus with potential hostages coming towards them. He gives out one final warning for the thief to stop right before he can smash Spider-Man.

    To Spider-Man's surprise, the criminal stops. Then he notices that the guy is looking up above him. The Silver Surfer is floating there on his board. He tells the criminal that he was given a warning and should've listened to it. Giving him a taste of what it's like to face the Power Cosmic, in a bright flash, the armored weapon lies in pieces in front of Spider-Man.

    Spider-Man jokes to the Surfer that he almost had the criminal and just saved them a few seconds before he would've taken him down. The Surfer just says that he was in the area and saw innocents in danger. Spidey tries to go after him and even asks if he wants to go see a movie or something with him. The Silver Surfer continues to go higher and higher. Spider-Man says that it looks like something is bothering him and if he wanted to, they could talk about it.

    In a flash, the Silver Surfer zooms down to Spider-Man's side, agreeing to talk. It takes the Surfer some time to find the words to begin "talking." He finally says that he is leaving this "adopted home" and will never return. When Spidey asks why, the Surfer says his reasons are his own. Spider-Man notices a cracked blotch on the Surfer's forearm. He tells him that if something's wrong maybe there's something he could do. Silver Surfer tells him there isn't anything he could do. He then tells him how he doesn't understand why the people on this world do so much to hurt each other. He wishes there was something he could do to fix things before he left. Spider-Man goes over some extreme scenarios that the Surfer could try that wouldn't end well. He says that is why they fight one villain at a time. It's easier to see what it is they are doing that is wrong.

    Spider-Man then asks why he uses a surfboard. The Surfer tells him it's not a surfboard. He tells Spider-Man how he does not require food or air or a ship to soar through space. He just needs something that will carry him. He tries to explain the freedom in soaring through all of space with nothing constricting you. Spider-Man tries to imagine what it'd be like but really doesn't have anything to go on. The Silver Surfer offers to temporarily give him a small bit of the Power Cosmic so he could see what it's like. Spider-Man says he's tempted but maybe next time. The Surfer says there won't be a next time.

    Spider-Man asks him if he would allow someone else to experience it instead. He says it would depend on who the person is. Spider-Man returns with Mary Jane. The Silver Surfer introduces himself as Norrin Radd. With this, Spider-Man is ashamed at himself for never having asked what his name was. Mary Jane is then given a portion of the Power Cosmic and travels through space for about an hour.

    When she returns, she is overjoyed and cannot begin to describe what it was like. Spider-Man tells her "Happy Birthday." Mary Jane tells him she loves him. This causes the Surfer to think about Shalla Bal. Mary Jane then thanks Norrin. He says it was his honor but he must leave now.

    Spider-Man says that he may have thought about a solution to what he wanted to do before. The Surfer agrees and gives everyone a taste of what the Power Cosmic feels like. For five minutes, the entire world knows what it feels like to be free and at peace. Spider-Man returns as the Surfer staggers to his board. The Surfer says that he could feel the entire world and for the first time realizes that he too is at peace. He thanks Spider-Man for that and Spider-Man thanks him and removes his mask. The Surfer calls him friend and says goodbye.

    As he floats away, Spider-Man is saddened at how little they all knew him. He thinks that you never really think about these things until it's too late. He also says that was the last time he ever saw him.



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