Silver Surfer Annual #6

    Silver Surfer Annual » Silver Surfer Annual #6 - Legacy released by Marvel on September 1993.

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    Who is Legacy and what is their cosmic destiny?


    The Silver Surfer finds the man he is looking for on Calculex. It is Genis, whose mother Elysius had sent the Surfer. They return to his home world Paraxis. His mother tells him that Eros is really not his father and that he is the son of Captain Mar-Vell. She gives him some wristlets modeled after Mar-Vell's Nega Bands and gives him the choice to follow in his father's footsteps. They are then attacked by the Kree, lead by Ronan, who want the bands to have the power to restore their empire. Genis puts on the bands and chooses a life of power. The Surfer and Genis work together to defeat Ronan. Genis then tells the Surfer he will be a worthy successor to Captain Marvel.

    "The Axe"

    On a crowded planet, a man seeks the shop of a man named Hammal Kesht. He gets the information and proceeds to the shop. He asks the owner of a axe that he is in possession of. He takes the axe and goes to walk out but is attacked by security robots. It is revealed that this is no ordinary man, but Terrax the Terrible. He destroys the robos and the shop owner tells him that the axe is a gift.

    "Holy Ground"

    Ganymede and Jack of Hearts are on a planet that was used as a retreat for the Spinsterhood. In the water, they begin to take of their relationship when they are attacked by one of Tyrant's robotic troopers. It nearly kills Jack of Hearts but Ganymede is able to destroy it. She tells Jack that she must obey her duty against Tyrant, but she still wishes for him to remain with her.

    Note: This issue features the first appearance of Genis-Vell, the new Captain Marvel.


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