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    "Blood Rites"

    Namor's has been transferred into the body of Rick Jones and taken prisoner by Shanzar and Lucien Aster. They obtain the information to find him from Delphi and head to his location - the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

    Deep under the sea they find an energy dome created of strange matter. They try to pierce the dome but to no avail. While they try, Shanzar collects the Surfer's cosmic energy to empower a sacrificial dagger. They then allow the heroes to enter. They are attacked by demons which they destroy, which is actually part of the spell to awaken the Wild One, and the heroes unwittingly participate. The final part of the resurrection involves spilling the Surfer's pure blood which is only possible by stabbing him with the dagger he himself powered.

    With their plans fulfilled, the Wild One is realeased. But before the Wild One gives them the power they sought he decides to take a ride off to Hawaii. The Defenders follow him only to find him waiting for them.

    "The Silver Surfer's Greatest Foes"

    Pip is trying to pick up girls at a spaceport by telling them that he has helped and saved the Silver Surfer on various missions across space and tells them of all the Surfer's perils.

    "By Reason Of Insanity"

    On Titan, Firelord plans to get the vengeance he desires from the previously captured Nebula. Starfox is unable to stop him.

    Nebula has no remorse whatsoever for destroying his home planet. She tells her horrific stories of what it was like for her in her life, all the abuse and torment she had gone through. Somehow, Firelord could feel all of these experiences.

    It is revealed that Starfox has used his power to bridge their minds. Now having a certain understanding, Firelord no long wishes to kill her. He claims that he could not let Firelord go through with killing her because this would eventually consume him.

    Starfox uses his powers on Nebula to stop her suffering, putting her into a catatonic state.


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