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The Surfer--with the power of the Quantum Bands-battles the Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus, Galactus retells the story of Silver Surfer's creation.

The Origin of the Silver

Galactus tells the story of his greatest creation, the Silver Surfer, from the beginning until his rebellion.

The Price of Paradise

The Silver Surfer and Shalla Bal are finally together again. He soon realizes though that this is a dream. He is awakened to real time, the 26th Century. He is greeted by Marshach, the planet's leader. It is a peaceful world, without violence and crime, created by Marshach when he suddenly received mysterious powers. He senses that danger is approaching the planet, which he has carefully hidden. The Surfer, now also equipped with the Quantum Bands, pledges to protect the planet.

The approaching threat is the Guardians of the Galaxy. They have traced Korvac's power to this place. The Surfer tries to draw them from the planet, but Starhawk and Nikki continue investigating while the others follow the Surfer. The Surfer is soon called back to the planet when it is discovered and the remaining Guardians follow.

The Surfer wages war on them for threatening this peaceful utopia. They are no match for the Surfer with the power of the Power Cosmic and the Quantum Bands. When some innocents are killed, Marshach uses his power for violence, which he had never done before. He encases them and plans to kill them, but the Surfer stops him and decides to finally listen to the Guardians purpose.

They explain that the power of Marshach is actually the power of Galactus, stolen by Korvac in the 30th Century. The Guardians timeline has vanished and they believe it to be Korvac's doing. Korvac had passed his power on to previous generations, thus bestowing Marshach with the power. They plan to return Galactus his power to stop Korvac from destroying their reality.

With the coaxing of his wife, Kareela, he gives up the power for the better good. He uses his power one last time to fix the damage to the planet done in the battle. The power escapes when the Guardians are not paying attention and speed after it.

Without his power, Marshach and his wife rapidly age. He claims that she made the true sacrifice. He no longer has the power to protect his world and fears it will succumb to violence or attack again. The Silver Surfer swears he will protect the planet in the future.

Eros: First Love

Starfox is at a spaceport and is bored with all the women throwing theirselves at him. A woman catches his eye that he seems to fall in love with. This woman seems different than the rest.

She still denies all of his advances. He tells her how good they can be together but his powers do not seem to work on her. She reveals her true form as a crystalline structure and tells him they cannot be together. He asks her name, which she tells him is Synthia, and she leaves Eros behind, his first true love.

Midnight Sun: Dawning

After his previous two defeats at the hands of the Silver Surfer, the Kree scientists are trying to perfect the Midnight Sun. They look into his memories and determine this must be the malfunction. He remembers too much of his previous life. They determine that they must remove these memories.

Midnight Sun will not allow this and awakens. He already knows too little of his past to have all of it thrown away. He easilt defeats the Kree's elite guards. Although unable to speak, he thanks Kar-Sagg for returning his life to him. Kar-Sagg realizes that he is alive and must be free, and does not try to stop him from leaving.

Midnight Sun arrives at Earth's Moon, wondering who he truly is.


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