Silver Surfer Annual #3

    Silver Surfer Annual » Silver Surfer Annual #3 - Life Form - - Termination released by Marvel on July 1990.

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    The Surfer tries to take his revenge on Garnok, but will it alleviate his guilt over the people he failed to save from Galactus?

    "--Termination?" (Lifeform Part 4 of 4)

    The Silver Surfer has traveled back to Earth to tell the Avengers about Thanos' death. He meets with Captain America so they can update their files. Cap is unsure that Thanos is dead but the Surfer assures him that he is and regrets killing him, which he did not mean to do (Thanos has actually faked his death).

    Mr. Fantastic is contacted by Nick Fury and is asked if he could check up on a virus at Bellevue. He claims it is probably nothing. On his way he meets the Silver Surfer and is surprised to see him. He asks for the Surfer's help, to which he agrees.

    The creature known as Lifeform has escaped the hospital. It has an insatiable hunger and consumes all life in it's sight, adding them to his own and growing larger. He escapes into the East River to consume the marine life.

    The Surfer engages the creature but soon finds it can regenerate as fast as he can destroy it. He estimates the power necessary to destroy it for good would level the city. Instead, he opts to let the creature consume him. When it does he is able to fly it out into space.

    He takes it to a planet that Galactus had devourered to destroy it. But when he is about to it speaks to him. The creature states he is but a man that tried to steal the virus but things went wrong. He begs the Surfer to kill him. The Surfer claims he cannot kill an innocent but the creature insists. He says death would be better than sitting on this planet in torture for eternity. The Surfer cannot oblige and leaves him there, wondering who the worse monster is, the creature or himself.

    "The Powers Of The Silver Surfer's Board"

    Galactus tells the story of his greatest creation, the Silver Surfer, and the mighty powers of the Surfer's board.

    "Shades Of Guilt"

    The Surfer needs to relax and travels to a planet of peaceful creatures called the Elowan. When he arrives he finds a massive shrine and all the Elowan are dead. He then meets Garnok Rebbahn who claims when he crash landed there he was worshipped as a god. He grew bored and had everyone on the planet commit suicide.

    The Surfer is enraged and tells Garnok to defend himself. Being a warrior, Garnok agrees. He is able to absoorb the Surfer's attacks with his shield and redirect them back. But an angry Silver Surfer does not play any games and asks him how much energy can he absorb, launching a devastating attack, which kills Garnok. Justice has been served and the Surfer departs.

    In an asteroid field, the Surfer comes across an apparition that turns out to be Garnok's ghost. Garnok pulls the Surfer inside of him to reveal a massive graveyard. He tells the Surfer that this is the graveyard of the billions of lives he is responsible for as Galactus' herald. The Surfer realizes the true scope of his past actions and his hands are covered in blood. He cannot defend himself against the billions of dead that attack him.

    The Surfer then awakens on one of the asteriods, wondering if what has transpired was real. He reminds himself to never forget the horrible things he has done but a whisper comes from behind him, telling him that he will never let him forget.



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