Silver Surfer Annual #2

    Silver Surfer Annual » Silver Surfer Annual #2 - How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth released by Marvel on August 1989.

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    The first chapter in the "Atlantis Attacks" saga! The Silver Surfer is tricked into reincarnating the Deviant with the power of a Celestial, Ghaur! And the first target of Ghaur's wrath is the Silver Surfer! Plus: special features on "How the Silver Surfer Surfs and Other Secrets," a cosmic comparison chart, and more!


    How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth: Silver Surfer is flying through space when something gains control over his board. He finds something attached to his board like bacteria but larger. They resist destruction so the Surfer decides to see where the board is taking him. It takes him to a cloud of dust he has flown through previously. He uses his Power Cosmic to transform the matter into any form it may use and accidentally awakens the Deviant, Ghaur.

    He knows of the Deviant's evil ways and attacks him. Weakened from his transformation, Ghaur traps the Surfer in a plasma field long enough to escape to Earth. The Surfer realizes Earth has it's own defenders and does not follow. But he decides to give them a heads up by trandfering his thoughts through space hoping someone will listen. Doctor Strange and Talisman hear his warning.

    Ghaur arrives at Earth and heads straight to Lemuria. He knowns the location of Llyra of Lemuria and frees her. He tells her of his plan to obtain the Serpent Crown and she joins his cause.

    How the Silver Surfer's Power's Work: Basically the retelling of the Surfer's origin and some of the power he possesses.

    Cosmic Awareness Comparisons: The Silver Surfer gives a glimpse into some of the universe's greatest heroes, villains and cosmic entities.

    An Informal Tour of the Universe: Frankln Richards asks his father about the Silver Surfer. Reed tells him all about the size of the universe starting with Earth and up to grander scales. He reminds Franklin that though this may make him feel small that every life is precious and exceptional.

    Buried Treasure: A passenger transport ship is attacked by a group of pirates. The leader of these pirates happens to be none other that the dreaded Captain Reptyl. He takes the jewels he knew would be on board. A passenger speaks up to Reptyl and claims she is a governor's daughter. He sees this as a good hostage.

    He then goes to a secluded asteroid where he knows war fleets do not travel. She tells him that the jewels will be found wherever he hides them. But the pit they are digging is not for the jewels - it's for her. In a ruthless act they throw her in the pit. It has been filled with a 'marinade' with minerals that her skin will soak up, either killing or deforming her forever.

    Shooting Star: The Surfer comes across a woman on a distant planet. She tells him she is waiting for someone who will grant her immortality in exchange for her soul. She needs this to provide for her family. The Surfer tells her his story and how sometimes ultimate power will leave you with nothing but grief and solitude.

    She is then met by Mephisto for the exchange but the Surfer has changed her mind. She leaves behind a furious Mephisto.

    Saga of the Serpent Crown, Chapter 1: Creation: The Watcher tells the story of Earth's beginnings and the birth of the Elder Gods - Gaea, Chthon, and Set. It begins the story of the Serpent Crown.


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    AF Reviews: Atlantis AttacksOkay, we begin Atlantis Attacks, one of Marvel's crossovers of 1989, with How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth, a Silver Surfer story written by Steve Englehart with art by Ron Lim.The plot of this issue is really simple and, for a lack of a better word, lacking. The Silver Surfer awakens the Deviant known as Ghaur who then goes to Earth and joins forces with Llyra to obtain the Serpent Crown. Yeah, this issue is just pure set-up and exposition. There's little else real...

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