Silver Surfer Annual #1

    Silver Surfer Annual » Silver Surfer Annual #1 - ADAM released by Marvel on July 1988.

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    The Evolutionary Wars continue as the Super Skrull returns! How can the Surfer hope to win a battle that has the Skrull who possesses all the powers of the Fantastic Four on one side, the unstoppable High Evolutionary on the other - and the enigmatic Eternals waiting in the wings! Plus: the origin of the High Evolutionary!



    The High Evolutionary appears on Mount Olympus before the Eternals. He tells them he wants to advance humanity and he wants them to obtain the DNA of the Silver Surfer for him.

    Meanwhile the Surfer parts ways with Frankie Raye and they kiss and say their goodbyes. Surfer plans to return to Earth to check on Mantis' child. Upon his return he witnesses the rebirth of the Super Skrull. Super Skrull attacks the Surfer and they begin to battle only to be interrupted by the Eternals. They capture the Surfer and the Skrull and return them to Mount Olympus against their will.

    They tell the Super Skrull of the event unfolding on his homeworld and he is in shock. The begin their testing on the Super Skrull and it appears he is in obviuos pain. Silver Surfer does not approve of this and devises a plan for them to escape. Simultaneously, they both power up and escape their confines. They work together to attack the Eternals.

    The Skrull realizes they are preoccupied with the Surfer and makes his escape, leaving the Surfer behind but Surfer manages to escape right after. Surfer still helps the Skrull to escape claiming that he is the only Skrull capable of shape-shifting and possibly can help his race to gain their powers back thus ending the Second Kree-Skrull War.

    Surfer tells the Eternals that he wants to get to the bottom of High Evolutionary's plans and Ikaris lets him leave in peace.


    Nova is returning to Galactus. She finds him in his ship obviously in pain. She tells him that she will find a planet in no time and that everything will be fine. He tells her that the Elders he consumed are still alive inside him and they are killing him. He tells her to get the Silver Surfer and Reed and Sue Richards. She contacts the Surfer and tells him that other's can hellp Earth but Galactus' survival is more important.


    Mantis awakes in a strange bed with a headache. She meditates and tries to remember. The last thing she remembers is leaving Earth with the Cotati. She soon finds she can no longer talk to the plants and they cannot talk to her. Not knowing what to do she calls the Avengers.

    The High Evolutionary: Chapter Three: The Men, The Mine, The Mountain!

    In 1930 on Wundagore Mountain in Central Europe, Merriem Drew and her husband Jonathan plan to build a research laboratory with fellow scientist Herbert Edgar Wyndham. They discover some Uranium and realize they may be rich. They soon begin mining operations and have agreed to have their lab built for free if they help the same man build a spacecraft.

    While meeting with the scientist Merriem begins screaming claiming she saw something outside. Outside searching, Herbert runs into a man he met in Geneva. The man helped him before and plans on helping him again. He leads him down into the mine. There he shows him that he has supplied him with workers. They are offshoots of humanity having taken a wrong evolutionary turn. He tells him they are tireless, obedient and loyal and to not work them above ground unless at night. Herbert wants to know more but the man has disappeared.


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    Evolution Conquest 0

    AF Reviews: Evolutionary WarADAM is the third chapter of 1988's Evolutionary War crossover and stars the Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull and the Eternals. Written by Steve Englehart with art by Joe Staton, the story sees the High Evolutionary make an alliance with the Eternals and the Surfer and Skrull forming an unlikely alliance themselves against the Evolutionary's plans.For the most part, this is a damn good story. Again, it's pretty sparse in terms of moving along the story arc of the Evolution...

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