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The Elders of the Universe need all the Infinity Gems for their takedown of Galactus- too bad the Soul Gem is safe in Surfer’s possession! Will Norrin relinquish the Soul Gem for the freedom of Shalla Bal and Mantis? Nova guest-stars!

The Elders have gathered again near the Cone Nebula to discuss their plans. Contemplator informs them that the Surfer has taken the Soul Gem from Supreme Intelligence. With them the have the captures Mantis and Shalla Bal. Surfer is called upon by the Gardener who tells him to bring them the Soul Gem and shows them his captives. Mantis tells Surfer not to do it and that if he does it will give them all six gems and the ability to destroy Galactus. Shalla Bal agrees that they must be sacrificed to save the universe. Surfer gives them the gem anyway. Grandmaster sends the women hurdling through space and tells Surfer he can have them if he can catch them. The Surfer is able to push himself to new limits to reach them.But Surfer was only able to rescue Shalla Bal. Shalla realizes why the Surfer had loved her and so does the Surfer. He tells her he will take her to a safe haven and then he will have his revenge.

Meanwhile the Elders confront Galactus and his herald, Frankie Raye. They tell Galactus his time and this reality are at an end. They use the gems to use six planets to absorb Galactus' energy hoping to starve him and kill him. Nova tries to help her master but to no avail.

Then the Surfer arrives to block the beam draining Galactus' energy. He is furious over the death of Mantis. He tells Nova to destroy the sun holding the planets together in gravity. Nova causes the star to go nova forming a black hole. The gems are sucked into the black hole and the energies start to rejuvenate Galactus. As they are all about to fall into the black hole Galactus stagnates the black hole and creates an energy net to pull them all out including some of the Elders. But Galactus is very angry.

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