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SILVER SURFER VS. THANOS! Doctor Strange convinces the Surfer to engage in a duel of combat with Thanos in order to crush Nebula's ascension.

Nebula possesses the Infinity Gauntlet and she has to be stopped. Doctor Strange has a plan on how to do it, but a fight between Silver Surfer and Thanos could foil this attempt. So Doctor Strange decides to transport Surfer and Thanos to a mystic plane, where they can settle the situation.

Doctor Strange has set the rules for this battle and they are without their fantastic powers. They are supplied horses and weapons and begin a medieval battle with each other. They vent their hatred upon each other. When Dr. Strange tries to remove them from the battle, the Surfer resists. They all fear he will kill Thanos, who is instrumental to stopping Nebula.

Surfer wins and prepares to kill Thanos, who begs him to do it. The Surfer realizes that the universe is more important than his retribution and allows Thanos to live. He asks for Thanos' surrender.

But Thanos does not surrender and attacks the Surfer again. After beating him, the Surfer yields and loses the battle. They are brought back to Strange's mansion, Thanos victorious.

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