Silver Surfer #50

    Silver Surfer » Silver Surfer #50 - Deeply Buried Secrets! released by Marvel on June 1991.

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    Finally in possession of all the Infinity Stones, Thanos turns a stone golem into a powerful war machine.

    On his way to warn the Earth's heroes of Thanos' return. He is met by Thanos, who has reanimated his old stone corpse from Titan and controls it from afar. He tells the Surfer he only wishes to delay him and with his power he can afford to let him live. Thanos strikes a nerve and the Surfer attacks him, but is unable to cause any damage.

    Thanos uses the Mind Gem to inspect the secret memory that caused the Surfer to become angry. Surfer tries to resist but Thanos is too powerful and throws him around a bit. He continues to probe the Surfer's mind to find thoughts of his father, Jartran. As this goes on, Thanos continually tries to make the Surfer reflect negatively on this memories.

    Thanos finishes siphoning the memory to learn that the Surfer had walked away from his father in disgust over an invention he made. His father killed himself later. The Surfer is outraged and destroys the stone statue of Thanos. But it is not destroyed and Thanos pulls it back together. Thanos claims that at least his wrong doings are out in the open for all to see, and that the Surfer is a hypocrite. He also tells him that Galactus did not alter his memory and that he was hiding this on his own.

    The Surfer destroys the statue again and starts turning even the smallest pieces into atomic dust. Thanos tells him he could still easily reform but sees no point in it. He tells him he is free to warn the heroes of Earth.

    Continued in Infinity Gauntlet #1 -


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