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The Silver Surfer must answer for sins from his past!

The Surfer splits with Drax, sensing that his former master is near. He tells Nova that he must speak to Galactus alone. He confronts Galactus, telling him that Adam Warlock told him there was something wrong with his soul, some type of modification. Glactus admits he altered the Surfer's soul because Norrin Radd would never do the things requested of him.

He asks Galactus to undo what he has done. Galactus says this is a simple task but warns the Surfer that the soul can be merciless. Surfer tells him to proceed. When his soul is returned to normal, the Surfer experiences the guilt of all the world he has destroyed and it consumes him. Galactus awakens him and reminds him he can easily change him back to the way he was. The Surfer refuses.

Surfer warns Galactus of the threat of Thanos and the power he weilds with the Infinity Gems.

When the Surfer departs, Galactus tells the lurking Thanos to reveal himself. He tells Galactus not to meddle in his affairs and to do so would be foolish.

Back on Soul World, Adam Warlock gathers all the residents and tells them he has decided to go back to reality to face the threat of Thanos.


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