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Mantis’ mysterious (and complex) origin revealed! Revived from the brink of death by the former Avenger, Silver Surfer agrees to help Mantis in her battle against the Elders. Surfer and Mantis vs. Ego the Living Planet!

Silver Surfer is saved from dying by Mantis after Runner's attack. Mantis claims she is not the person he once knew but can still call her Mantis. She explains how she came to be the Celestial Madonna by the Priests of Pama, pacifist outcasts of the Kree Empire. She then was combined with the Swordsman and conceived a child and raised him, but he know needs solitude. She left Earth and learned of the Elders plans. She admits it was her that put a vision in his head to seek out the Elders in the first place.

Meanwhile on Kree-Lar, the Kree capital, the information about the Skrulls suicide has registed with the Supreme Intelligence. He deduces that the Skrulls have lost their shape-shifting abilities. He calls for the Primary Espionage Unit and Captain Tar-Rell.

On Tarakar, the skrull Ripan informs his majesty Kylor that Ambassador Ptakr and his crew committed suicide. Kylor knows this as it was his order. Just then Ripan notices some bad news for the Skrulls, the Celestials have returned.

Mantis then leads Surfer to the world where the Elders meet. They come across the meeting of the Elders. They are all anxious to know why Grandmaster has called them there to reveal his hidden strategy. He tells them he has freed them all from death in a gamble. He purposely lost the gamble thus Death barred all Elders from her realm, making them all true immortals. He also lets them know why the Surfer had to die is that they will kill Galactus, the only being older than they are, and Surfer would have gotten in the way.

Just then, the planet comes alive and warns the Elders of intruders. The planet is really Ego, the living planet, a member of the Elders. Ego attacks them with biosphere attacks. Surfer escapes while Mantis attacks Obliterator. Champion grabs Mantis but Silver Surfer breaks through the planet and grabs her and they flee.

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