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    This isn't the Surfer we are used to.

    Issue 1 left me feeling pretty shaky on how this series might be. As someone who enjoys the 80-90's Silver Surfer comics, especially the "Parable" series by Stan Lee, I have to admit my fears were confirmed in this issue. This isn't the Silver Surfer loyal fans are used to. It's almost if Dan Slott has never read a Surfer comic in his life, and the comedy that is attempted in his writing is too weak to be enjoyable. It just seems like SS isn't himself, and is more light hearted and easy-going about everything. It's hard for me to describe, but if you've read SS before you'll know what I am talking about. The Surfer I know is very introspective and philosophical in his thoughts and actions, and although he his now more used to humanity, there are things he still can not grasp because he himself is not human. I'll admit it's still early in the series, but we should be getting some of these key points by now. This seems as if the writing is spoon-feeding us something that the Silver Surfer is not.

    Despite my gripes with the writing, the art is BEAUTIFUL. I am a huge fan of the drawing style, and the colors are extremely vibrant and saturated. You really get a feel for the cosmic theme of this comic, and it is greatly appreciated. Honestly it was the stellar art that saved this comic from a lower rating, and I'll pick up a few more issues before I decide whether to cut this comic from my pull list or not for that reason alone.

    All and all, long time SS fans may be thrown off by Slott's writing, but the art is phenomenal enough to push on through and see if the series gets better. It's early on and I'll try to be patient, but Dan Slott's writing needs to improve if he's gonna please the fans of a character that is so iconic.

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