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Silver Surfer is battling the In-Betweener but he can do no damage. Sue attacks by using a force field to hamper his breathing but this works temporarily. Sue and Reed are finally out from under the influence of Chaos and Order. In-Betweener reveals that he will go to Galactus' universe and balance it and leave Surfer, Sue and Reed behind. He then unveils the three Elders- Possessor, Astronomer and Trader. In league with them the whole time, In-Betweener plans to kill Galactus. They gather the Infinity Gems and disappear.

In-Betweener and the Elders escape the black hole and head for Galactus' ship. Nova releases the Punisher to stop them. It looks like all is well but In-Betweener eventually dispatches the robot. Nova tries to defend her master but she cannot overpower In-Betweener. He unleashes a incredible beam to kill Galactus but admits that it cannot be done. He does not wish to destroy the universe and reveals he cannot remain in this realm as long as Galactus is in it, so decides to send him back to his own realm. Astonomer protests, reminding him of his brothers inside. In-Betweener then summons Death and she kills them for In-Betweener has power over life and death. But Death is not pleased and will not forget what has just transpired.

In-Betweener then sends the ship toward the black hole. Reed sees the ship coming and thinks of it as an omen, already having planned their escape. Silver Surfer has spoken with Master Order and Lord Chaos and told them all that has happened with In-Betweener and they agree to help. They use their power to release the Elders from Galactus. But now Galactus us awake and healthy and wants vengeance on the In-Betweener.

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