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Yes, the rumors are true! Jon J. Muth hops on board as our regular ongoing artist, and he and Marc have prepared quiet a tale indeed! After his confrontation with the Other, the Surfer awakens to find himself human again, on a Zenn-La that was never visited by Galactus! He is reunited with Shalla-Bal, but why does she look so much like Alicia Masters? The mystery begins to unfold here.


Norrin Radd is dreaming. It is the same dream he always has. A massive godlike being bestowing him silver skin. He wakes in a cold sweat with his love, Shalla Bal, next to him. This is all a controlled dream devised by the evil Tenebrae, a part of the Mergence, the evil group mind coming to Earth. At her side is the Coroner.
Tenebrae is attempting to make the Silver Surfer the greatest weapon of the Mergence. Back n Zenn-La in the Surfer's mind, the planet is able to cloak itself when a great being approaches the planet. Norrin knows that this being is Galactus. Somehow, he makes an energy based attack and shoots it skyward. He is confused. Shalla Bal, the woman he loves, seems to be a different woman inside named Alicia. He cannot explain.
Norrin finally contacts Galactus and is transformed into the Silver Surfer, as had been in his reality. Tenebrae tells the Coroner that no matter what scenario they would set up, Norrin would eventually become the Surfer. The Surfer has become aware that this is all a dream. Tenebrae then sends the Surfer to the Macroverse.

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