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The Silver Surfer meets up with the Thing in order to discuss his return and what this means for Alicia. As they leave a restaurant, they are met by the NYPD who wish to arrest the Surfer, believing him to have attacked the city (it was his clay copy that did this previously). They easily leave the police behind and go to Alicia's apartment, only to find she is not there.
At the Satori, Alicia has been brought in the hopes that she can awaken the humanity in the new Cosmic Messiah as she had with the Silver Surfer. 
Thing and the Surfer arrive to find the Satori destroyed. The Cosmic Messiah has turned all the members into pure energy in an attempt to unify the human race. This angers the Thing who fights first and asks questions later. The Surfer joins in the battle, trying to convince the Messiah that this is not the way to unite the people of Earth, for it lacks giving them a choice.
But the Messiah is not deterred from his plans by them and soon transforms them into energy as well. It is Alicia who speaks with the Messiah and convinces him that the Surfer was right and if all beings were to be perfect they would have been created that way. The Cosmic Messiah undoes the damage he has caused and leaves for space to discover himself.
Back in New York, Alicia and Thing have a sit down. Thing tells her that he still loves her but since his return he feels different about himself. He needs time to find himself once again and Alicia should not have to suffer through it. He tells her to go to the Surfer, which she does.

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