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The Outriders have come. They are attempting to contact many powerful beings, including Heimdall, Beta Ray Bill and Quasar. They all fail. But one soon comes into contact with a powerful being - The Silver Surfer.

The Surfer enters the brain of the Outrider and believes he has fallen into a trap. But he is assured that no harm will come to him. The Outrider uploads data into the Surfer's mind. He knows those around him and where he is, although he has never seen any of it before.

On the planet's surface he sees all those he cares about. They all say they are doomed and that Blackbody is coming. And Blackbody does come. Even the mighty Galactus falls to the Blackbody and the Surfer watches all those he knows taken into the Blackbody as theyy plee for the Surfer's help. The Surfer also is consumed.

He soon finds himself living through the eyes of one known as Harquis Tey. He sees the plans of the Outrider Symbiots, to go to another universe and bring back one who can help to save his people from the Blackbody. The Outrider tells the Surfer that what he saw will become reality to an entire universe and gives him information on how to travel there before he disconnects.

The Surfer knows he must help these people and arrives back in his own universe.


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