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The Elders pay for their insurrection, and Galactus feasts. On Kree-Lar, infighting between Skrulls establishes the leadership of an entire alien race. Death comes for Galactus. Is it coming for all of Zenn-La too?

The reckoning of the Elders by Galactus is at hand. The surviving Elders- Grandmaster, Champion, Runner, Collector and Gardener - are sentenced to death by Galactus. They are unworried because they are barred from Death's dimension but Galactus reminds them that he is the third force between Death and Eternity and he exists to rectify their imbalances. He then devours them. He tells Frakie Raye to find the Contemplator who was absent from the gathering and bring him to him.

Galactus asks Surfer to help Frankie Raye. Surfer agrees under the condition he never menace Zenn-La. Galactus agrees. Surfer thinks that Galactus was hiding something from them and asks Nova if she will join him to spy on Galactus.

Galactus then meets with Eternity. Eternity reveals he owes Galactus an explaination for putting him in harm's way. Eternity believed that the Elders were on a campaign to defeat his sister, Death, then Galactus and then finally himself. He states that the Surfer was the key to the whole situation and that he saved Galactus and Eternity.

Frankie and Surfer speed on to their task while the Surfer coaches her on what it is to be a herald of Galactus.

Back on Kree-Lar, Nenora, the Skrull spy, has taken command of the Kree Empire. She s visited by the Ambassador of Waziliah, who in reality is a Skrull named Aptak and her former lover. Aptak is delighted over the fact that the Skrulls now have control over the Kree Empire and nenora offers him a drink. The wine is poisoned and Aptak falls to the floor, Nenora choosing her chance to rule an empire over love.

Meanwhile, Galactus is having trouble absorbing the Elders. But what he has done seems to have angered Death herself.


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