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Ellie awakens on a beach with Stewart Acheron greeting her with refreshments. She tells him that Gabe loves him but may never see him again. Ellie is taken to a room where she is told that everything she could want is hers. But all she wants is her mother.

Meanwhile, Denise is being healed on the Great Ark. Her presence causes a disturbance among the other children, who now remember their families.

Back on the beach, Stewart asks what has happened with her and his son. She cannot tell him and decides to use her power to show him. The watching military see this as a threat to Stewart's life and attack. Ellie is tranquilized, much to Stewart's dissatisfaction. She will never trust him now. They also attack the Silver Surfer who is trying to bring Ellie back to the ship to go to Sof.

The Surfer decides the time to leave is now. Ellie must remain behind and Denise will come with them. It is too risky to return to Earth for Ellie, this may be the event that destroys the Earth as was forseen by Ayaman. Amnel does not like the Surfer's answers. The Surfer then tells the children the new plan and that Earth must be abandoned.

The Surfer then goes to speak with Denise. She is told that Ellie will die along with the Earth. But Amnel has other plans and returns to Earth in an attempt to rescue the girl. She is shot down by the military over the island Ellie is on.

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