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The galactic herald returns in this jam-packed one-shot! Silver Surfer recalls happier times with the Fantastic Four. With Norrin Radd becoming a distant memory with each passing day, will Surfer ever recover the man he once was? Surfer returns to his homeland Zenn-La to find absolute devastation. A new quest begins for Silver Surfer- one that involves finding his soulmate, Shalla Bal!

The Silver Surfer is in solitude and self-pity. He remembers the fateful events that lead him to Earth, and how he became bound to it. He attempts to escape Galactus' barrier, traveling faster than he ever has, only to fail once again. He notices a beam of energy aimed at Galactus' barrier and heads for it's source, which turns out to be the Baxter Building, home of the Fantastic Four.

Mr. Fantastic has discovered a way to fulfill his promise and help the Surfer escape, but the planets must be in a certain alignment for it to work. The attempt is successful and the Surfer is finally free. Reed tells the Surfer that if ever returns to Earth, he will again be trapped.

The Surfer returns to Zenn-La, only to find it a barren wasteland. The people despise him and blame him for their current state. When the Surfer rebelled against Galactus, he returned to Zenn-La and consumed it's energies. He learns that Shalla Bal is also no longer on the planet. She has been taken by Mephisto.

The Surfer realizes some past events are all the doing of Mephisto. He once believed Doom's bride to be Shalla Bal, but she denied this. He know knows that was indeed Shalla Bal. He returns to Earth, preferring to be trapped with Shalla Bal as opposed to soaring space alone. He heads to Latveria to find her, but she still does not remember him. Mephisto appears and takes her to the Netherworld.

The Surfer follows him. Mephisto uses his demons to attack the Surfer. To cause her suffering, Mephisto returns Shalla Bal's memory. The Surfer overcomes the demons and battles Mephisto one on one. The Surfer proves too powerful and Mephisto blasts Shalla Bal. The Surfer believes her dead, but Mephisto admits she is alive and he only wished to witness the Surfer's anguish. He tells the Surfer he shall never have her and transforms her into energy, sending her towards Zenn-La.

Before she leaves the barrier beyond which the Surfer can travel, he grants Shalla Bal a portion of his Power Cosmic. She returns to Zenn-La, and everywhere she steps it grows new life. The Surfer is again trapped on Earth but considers the events a victory.

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