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    Government agent Morgan Miller was appointed the task of fighting superhuman enemies after becoming a genetic mutant ('homo geneticus') from an experiment by his father, Dr. Bradford Miller.

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    Pacific Comics


    Topps Comics

    Silver Star is seen chasing armed robbers, but In the middle of his pursuit his body begins to decay due to his genetic package that gave him his powers. Luckily Silver Star is able to hold off his condition as many times as possible, never knowing how long he can manage. It is revealed he has been helping an international protection agency called InterCop. Also his girlfriend, Norma Richmond, mysteriously disappeared as the decay began to strike all Homo Geneticus. Her departure and current whereabouts leave Silver Star coping and never knowing if she is alive or dead. Later, when InterCOP officer Commander Delilah Stone wants to recruit him for a mission: retrieving files from now retired crime figure The Dark Shogun. Silver Star first turned down the mission to find a cure for him and his kind, until somebody sends a signal from outside of his home. He then used his powers to track the signal to a lab tactician, who turned out to be a villain called Interface. She then called for reinforcements - Bedbug, Sizzler, Slammazon, and Gasbag, who where almost successful in defeating Silver Star by draining his powers. When he defeated Sizzler by absorbing him, the rest of the villains retreated. Startled at near defeat because of Sizzler's energy signature matching his own, Commander Stone asked for help retrieving the files so that information on Silver Star and genetic packaging could not fall into the wrong hands. Arriving in San Francisco, Silver Star finds The Dark Shogun's daughter, Michiko Shimokura, who knows how to contact her father and the location of his files. Soon, more villains appeared to ambush Michiko until Silver Star decides to ambush them. (The story is/was not finished).

    Silver Star's next appearance is seen in a crossover event that connects all characters in the Kirbyverse in a mini-series called Victory. He is still ill from his condition and is still managing to recover time after time. InterCop officer Commander Stone request his services when a unknown force arrives on Earth. On the way other to a rendezvous point, his self-conscious mind drifts away and encounters Darius Drumm, who is aware of his illness. When he woke up, he regained his energy again. He he arrives at the rendezvous point, he meets the 9th Men - Captain Glory, Night Glider, Bombast, and The Boojum, who were also requested to investigate the situation. After meeting each other for the first time, a massive spaceship arrives. The ship releases Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers to the surface where he declares Earth is under his martial law where all forces submit to his command or the world is destroyed. (The story is/was not finished).

    Dynamite Entertainment

    Silver Star's first appearance at Dynamite is in KIRBY: GENESIS, where his character is rebooted amongst other Jack Kirby characters and designs from the 80's and 90's and owned by Jack Kirby's estate.

    Dynamite launched a new Silver Star series in November 2011, written by Jai Nitz with art by Johnny Desjardins.


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