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    A gifted sorceress of her world, Laura Nielsen was the magic wielder of a superteam of marvelous characters. She is a Scarlet Witch doppelganger.

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    Along with her companions of the Heroes of Angor, (know as the Champions of Angor, the Justifiers, the Assemblers and later as the Retaliators).


    The Silver Sorceress was created by Dick Dillin and Mike Frieddrich. She made her first appearance in the pages of Justice League of America #87. Silver Sorceress is a D.C Comics homage/parody of the Marvel character Scarlet Witch.

    Major Story Arcs

    Justice League of America

    Laura Cynthia Neilsen was the superheroine known as the Silver Sorceress. She along with Blue Jay, Wandjina and Jack B. Quick came from another world called Angor, the only survivors of a nuclear holocaust. They came to Earth after being manipulated into seeking revenge for the destruction of their world against the Justice League. After initially mistaking each other as villains, the two teams unite to fight the robots that originally manipulated them both.

    Post Crisis: Justice League

    After the events in Crisis on Infinite Earths, the original story was slightly changed: the surviving Champions of Angor created a magical portal and came to the main dimension's Earth in order to disarm it of it’s nuclear weaponry before our planets leaders would possibly one day cause a Nuclear holocaust. Their home planet of Angor was ravaged and destroyed by a nuclear explosions after a terrorist group of meta-humans destroyed all life on Angor. Being the last being alive on the planet they decided to depart, wanting to spare Earth the same fate.

    Angor, ravaged planet
    Angor, ravaged planet

    This plan leads them to the country of Bialya, being mislead by the Minister of Defense, who was trying to use them to collect nuclear arms for his own use. After being led to believe that Russia's supply of nuclear arms would be better relocated to Bialya , they departed to investigate further.

    The Silver Sorceress along with her teammates were all suspicious of the Minister but also realized that this was one of Earth's biggest accumulation of nuclear weapons. After arriving to Russia they faced the combined might of the Rocket Red Brigade and the Justice League. During the battle, Wandjina sacrificed his life in order to save the people of Bilaya from a nuclear meltdown.

    When the JLA departed both the Silver Sorceress and Blue Jay were apprehended by Russian authorities. However, they remained incarcerated until they felt that it was interfering with their plans, they had made a pact with Wandjina and even if only two remained they would continue.

    Silver Sorceress cast a spell and teleported away back to her home world of Angor while Blue Jay escaped into the Russian wilderness. In deep contemplation, and still morning her former comrades, it would be some time before she would decide to return to Earth.

    Justice League Europe

    Casting magical spells
    Casting magical spells

    Upon her return to Earth, Silver Sorceress joined the European Branch of the Justice League International alongside her longtime friend and also the last survivor of Angor , Blue Jay. Shortly after joining the JLE, Laura, along with several other members of the JLI, are overwhelmed and possessed by the mentally powered alien Starro. She was forced to battle her friends and new comrades until Ice defeated Starro by encasing it in ice and freed them of their possession.

    Shortly thereafter, the JLE rescued one the few survivors of Silver Sorceress’ home world - Mitch Wacky. He was one of ,if not the most, revered and iconic members of Angorian society. Mitch was being held prisoner by robotic versions of the Angorian meta-human villain responsible for the destruction of her home world, the Extremists. The Sorceress soon learned Mitch was dying of the flu, an ailment that is easily remedied back on Earth. This terrible news came as another brutal reminder of how different her people were to her teammates, of how alone she still felt on Earth.

    And the spark goes out...
    And the spark goes out...

    Laura remained an active member of the Justice League Europe for quite some time until her death at the hands of Dreamslayer, who was one of the very few people left from her planet. She traveled to the mobile island Kooey Kooey Kooey to rescue Mitch from the latest team of robotic versions of the Extremists. It was revealed Dreamslayer was in fact living and breathing and was forcing Mitch to create the others again. Once Mitch had completed their creation, he was brutally murdered.

    Dreamslayer had also mentally possessed the natives on the island and had one of them shoot Laura through the stomach. As she lay dying, she used the last of her energy to destroy Dreamslayer. When the League found her, they buried her on the island.

    Despite the fact they all lost a friend, none were as affected by her death as much as Blue Jay, for now he was literally the last of his people.

    Possible Future

    The time-traveler known as Waverider visited the Justice League Europe on his own mission and finds himself viewing an alternate, highly probable 'future' of Silver's. In it, she accidentally travels far back in time and is saved from a large predator by the over-enthusiastic hero known as Anthro. She is eventually returned to her timeline by a time-traveling Elongated Man.


    Silver Sorceress makes a brief cameo appearance in issue #4 of the JLA/Avengers crossover miniseries.

    Powers & Abilities

    Mystic to the JLE
    Mystic to the JLE
    • Magic: Silver Sorceress is a magic user of advanced abilities. While she had to use a combination of magic and technology to create the original doorway from Angor to that of the Justice League, she is later able to do so with magic alone.
    • Flight
    • Energy Projection
    • Energy Construct Creation


    The Silver Sorceress is colorblind.

    Alternate Realities


    • Booster Gold: Blue and Gold

    In an alternate reality, in which Booster Gold saved Ted Kord from Max Lord, Silver Sorceress has a bust in the Justice League Europe museum.

    • Earth-8


    This version of the Silver Sorceress appeared in the Lord Havok mini-series. At difference of the previous incarnation, she was named Anna and was Dr. Diehard's daughter and a member of the Zen-Men. She was imprisoned alongside other super humans, deemed "too dangerous" too have freedom. When a guard tried to force himself on her, she resisted and was shot in the head. Her dead broke prompted the killing of his brother, Jack, and the rebellion lead by her father.

    • Multiversity

    A new Silver Sorceress can be seen among the heroes of earth-8 fighting against the possessed Nix Uotan.


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