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Silver Shield is an alien who lived in the Quantum Field. He was "swimming" in the Quantum Field where he found a hole. Wanting to know more about the hole he went through the hold where he discovered that it was not the same as the Quantum Field. His consciousness became limited which tipped him off as he felt that he "mattered." Upon the new universe he was in, he felt naked until he found someone like him. That alien taught the Silver Shield had to shape and form into something new. The Silver Shield had designed himself almost identical to a space ship. While "swimming" again in the new universe he discovered Earth and was attracted to it. The gravitational pull brought the Silver Shield down and he was frightened. He called for help but no one of his kind came. Gravity prevented the Silver Shield from moving or "swimming" on Earth.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anton Sarrok, friend of Dr. Heinrich Megala, experimented on himself to attempt to communicate telepathically through the global energy field. What was a thought to be a failure, Dr. Sarrok could only hear someone calling for help which was in face the Silver Shield when landing on Earth.

The Silver Shield has arrived!
The Silver Shield has arrived!

It wasn't until Dr. Heinrich Megala learn the discovery of the Silver Shield landing. Thought to be a space ship, he gathered a group of scientist to explore the ship, which is why Megala called it the Silver Shield. Megala had created a X-Ionizer, highly advanced technology, that allowed it to cut through any solid matter. The Silver Shield was aware of this but continued calling for help. When one of the scientist stabbed it with it, the Sliver Shield felt pain (for the first time). Dr. Sarrok felt pain as well which was the telepathic connection with the Silver Shield. Dr. Megala was not injured but caught a disease from the radiation it released, however he was able to shave pieces off of the Silver Shield.

The Silver Shield went into what would be considered a coma.

Years later in the future, Captain Atom was created and had a connection to Quantum Field as well as Major Force. The Silver Shield had control of their access to the Quantum Field and when it woke up, it was frightened and disoriented which cut off the access for Captain Atom and Major Force which made them powerless. This led to General Eiling sending Captain Atom and Major Force to find the Silver Shield. The Silver Shield still had a telepathic connection with Dr. Sarrok so when the Silver Shield woke up, Dr. Sarrok was able to calm the Silver Shield which gave Captain Atom some of his power back. The Silver Shield came out of hiding when Captain Atom and Major Force where nearby and connected with them to create a new form, an alien form with four arms, two legs, no face, and a long hair-like appearance. It was finally when everyone discovered that the Silver Shield is a living creature!

The Silver Shield told Captain Atom that he was unable to go back home because his form was only useful in Earth and that his damage (the pieces shaved off by Dr. Megala) left him incomplete which is not allowed in the Quantum Field. Captain Atom was able to find a place for the Silver Shield to stay which was at a friend's home and it adopted the name Silver Shield. They were able to pretend as if the Silver Shield left Earth in order to prevent anyone, like Eiling, attempting to capture it for personal use. Captain Atom then welcomed him to Earth as his brother.

Unbeknownst to everyone including the Silver Shield, his real brothers were gathering while hearing the Silver Shield's cry for help and were plotting to rescue him. Although it is assumed they discovered that he was safe and left him on Earth.

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