Silver Samurai (Shingen)

    Character » Silver Samurai (Shingen) appears in 146 issues.

    Illegitimate son of Keniuchio Harada, the original Silver Samurai. A technological prodigy he makes up for his lack of mutant abilities with a self created set of armor that replicates his fathers abilities.

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    Powers & Abilities

    The nanotechnology injected into Shingen allows him to regenerate from fatal wounds. However, it is uncertain if it would allow regeneration of loss limbs or decapitation.

    It's been repeatedly stated that Shin Harada has been trained in the ways of the Shinobi for a long time. Being adept enough to handle fighting Thor in closed quarters.

    Shin is skilled in the use of his katana and similar bladed weapons.

    Shingen boasted of having built prototype cybernetic energized structures since his early childhood. Having even been adept enough to fabricate his own nanomolecular body mods from scratch just as easily.


    A new high tech armor featuring weapons and gadgets of an advanced nature invented by teen prodigal genius Shingen Harada II in Japan. Shingen lacked the physical or unnatural skills of his fore-bearer; the original Silver Samurai. Shin grew up studying advanced robotics, cybernetics and mechatronics since his early life as an orphan building his very first bionic armor as a child from a host of makeshift appliances

    Specially crafted Japanese style blades with telescopic shrinking & extension capabilities; seemingly comprised of nanomolecular carbon fiber liquid metal in design.

    These blades fabricated by Shingen "Shin" Harada's armor can retract the polymorphous alloy section of their bladed length into the hilt for easier holding and application whenever Silver Samurai needs them in battle. By themselves these razor blades treat like typical tempered steel, easily able to sheer and rend through flesh & base metals backed by the strength augment of his armor.

    If need be, Shin can run an exotic current of dynamic force through his edge. Energizing it to an incredible degree which increases its cutting edge to the point of matching enchanted Uru raiment's blow for blow.


    Silver Samurai was created by Jason Aaron.


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