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TV Series

Power Rangers: In Space

Zhane, portrayed by actor Justin Nimmo, was the first Silver Power Ranger in the series history. Like most of his successors, he was the 6th member to join his ranger team and controls the Mega Winger Zord. Zhane is the best friend of Andros, the Red Space Ranger, and spent 2 years in cryogenic sleep, healing from an injury he sustained while on a mission that went awry. Zhane is kind, loyal, has a great sense of humor, is a strong warrior and helpful to others, including someone as villainous as Astronema. His main setback is that he may get a little to carried away with his sense of humor (pranks) and annoy his teammates.

Power Rangers: Light Speed Rescue

Ryan Mitchell, portrayed by actor Rhett Fisher, is the half brother to Dana Mitchell, the Pink Light Speed Rescue Ranger, and the Titanium Ranger of his team. He too was also a later addition to the team (6th ranger), in the counterpart of the Sentai series, there was no 6th Ranger, so the Titanium Ranger is a complete American made Power Ranger. Max controls the Solarzord and started off fighting for the side of evil, having been raised by demons for most of his life. Ryan is a bit of a loner, with a chip on his shoulder but matures into a reliable teammate as the season progresses. He learns to trust his teammates, including his sister, as they help him over come the curse of his dragon tattoo.

Power Rangers: Wild Force

Merrick Baliton, portrayed by actor Philip Andrew, is the Silver Power Ranger of his team, the Wild Force Power Rangers. He controls the Wolf, Hammerhead, and Alligator Zords but his main zord is the Predazord. Merrick is a 3000 year old warrior who protected the secret realm of Animaria. He is the definition of a lone wolf looking for redemption and starts off as an antagonist to the Wild Force Rangers, however he learns to trust them and eventually joins them as the season progresses.

Power Rangers: SPD

Nova, portrayed by actress Antonia Prebble, is the Silver SPD Power Ranger and holds the distinction of being the first female to don that color. Nova also stands out from the other Silver Rangers, in that she was only present for the season finale. Not much is known about her other than she is from the year 2040 and knows Sam, the Gold SPD Ranger.

Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive

Tyzonn, portrayed by actor Dwayne Cameron, is the Silver Ranger of his respective season. Tyzonn is unique in that he is able to transform into mercury and create force fields. He is also an alien from the planet known as Mercuria. He commands the Flashpoint megazord and rescue runners. Tyzonn, lacks confidence, has trouble being himself, often imitating others, much to their annoyance, and tries to pass an Earthling. He is also easily intimidated, often running from battles.

Power Rangers: RPM

Gemma, portrayed by actress Li Ming Hu, is the twin sister to Gem, the Gold RPM Power Ranger, and is the first Silver Ranger of Asian descent. Gemma commands the Whale Zord and Tiger jet. Despite her childlike and simple minded nature, she has a genius level IQ. Her debut was a bit of mystery but as the season progresses we learn more about her and see her mature into a trusted member of the team. She becomes close friends with all of her teammates as well.

Power Rangers: Mega Force

Robo Knight, portrayed by actor Chris Auer, was the first Silver Ranger of the Mega Force Power Rangers. He was a later addition to the team and had the unique ability to turn into a zord. Robo Knight was a bit of a loner but proved his worth to the team when he sacrificed himself to save them. His essence now lives within Orion.

Orion, portrayed by actor Cameron Jebo, is the second Silver Ranger of the Mega Force Power Rangers. He is an alien from the planet known as Andresia, a planet that was recently destroyed. Orion has a crush on Gia, the Yellow Mega Force Power Ranger, though he eventually ends up with Emma, the Pink Mega Force Ranger. He works at Ernie's, attempting to fit in, and commands the Q-Rex Drill.

Power Rangers: Dino Charge

Zenowing, portrayed by actor Alistar Browning, was the Silver Dino Charge Power Ranger and represented the Titanosaurus dinosaur. He commands the Titanozord and is the apprentice of the Keeper. At first he annoys the other Rangers, due to his lack of gratitude, but as the season progresses he matures and learns the meaning of teamwork and gratitude, eventually growing close to his fellow rangers.


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