Silver Monkey

    Character » Silver Monkey appears in 20 issues.

    A former member of the Brotherhood of the Monkey Fist clan who later became an assassin for hire.

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    Little is known of Silver Monkey's past except that his skill was such that he was recruited by the school of the Monkey Fist/Monkey Fist Cult, where he quickly rose in there ranks through hard work and fighting. His skill was comparable to the very best in the world.

    In his clan he was the second highest ranked fighter in sheer skill and knowledge, second only to the elite Paper Monkey who was, in reality, Lady Shiva Woosan. He also came into brief contact with Tim Drake, Batman and Dick Grayson during his first visit to Gotham City.

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting Green Arrow

     The Silver Monkey Appears
    The Silver Monkey Appears

    It came to the attention of the Monkey Cult of a skilled fighter who could spar with Richard Dragon as though equals, his name was Connor Hawke; the new Green Arrow and son of the Original Green Arrow. To test his mettle the Silver Monkey and his Master sought him out just as Connor was seeking to test his skills against worthy fighters. He met Connor in a gladiatorial fight and made short work of him. Connor was no match for the poise, precision and sheer skill of the Silver Monkey.

    The entire fight was taped and sold in underground fighting rings, thus elevating both combatants in the martial arts world.

    The Ashram was then taken over by the Monkey Fist Cult and they trained and recruited there.


     The Rematch of the century
    The Rematch of the century

    Later he was hired by Connor's step dad; Milo Armitage, apparently Connor had become a bother and thus Silver faced Connor again in battle. This time they were more evenly matched however a long battle ensued in which Connor took another beating. When Silver was to deliver the final blow however Connor turned the tables on him and handed him his first recorded defeat. Though Connor came out the winner he still spared his his opponents life. He was taken into police custody but later escaped and returned to the Monkey Cult in shame and went on to lead to them in the "Brotherhood of the Fist" storyline in which the cult attacked martial arts masters to prove their skill and regain their honor. He also joined in and manged to defeat Sir Edmund Dorance; the King Snake.


    Even though he was still one of the best fighters in the world, he was killed in the "War Games" saga. Silver Monkey was hired as a bodyguard for Kwan Lin, head of the Gotham Triads. When the shooting broke out between the rival gangs, Scarface emptied his entire Tommy gun into Silver Monkey as he lunged at the Ventriloquist

    Physical Appearance

    Never seen without his traditional garb the only things known for sure is that he is around 5'10 and has black piercing eyes.

    Powers & Abilities

    Silver showing his skill by dispatching Connor Hawk
    Silver showing his skill by dispatching Connor Hawk

    The silver Monkey was a world class master of the martial arts considered top tier thanks to being ranked second only to Shiva in his clan and his close skill range to Connor Hawke a man who has gone up against Richard Dragon and Lady Shiva. He displayed great agility and acrobatics as well as skill and grace in martial arts resembling Crane, Capoiera, Karate, snake, monkey and Akido among others.

    In addition to this he wields a katana with skill rivaling the best in the world.

    Other Media

    Beware the Batman (2013)

    No Caption Provided

    Silver Monkey has been confirmed to be an antagonist and a member of the League of Assassins in the upcoming animated series Beware the Batman.


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