Silver Kincaid

    Character » Silver Kincaid appears in 8 issues.

    A member of the G-Men. She seems to have committed suicide in public.

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    When Silver Kincaid was eight, a pony she was riding on went crazy and ran five miles before her father caught them, this caused her hair to go white overnight from the shock. Later her Uncle Paul took her in Cranbrook for an ice-cream but had forgot his change in a souvenir shop so he went back inside for half a minute but when he returned she was gone. The authorities looked for her everywhere but in vain. Her loss caused her mum, Anna, to have cancer and Paul would eventually kill himself over the fall out of her abduction. Silver Kincaid had actually been kidnapped by John Godolkin for his superpowered superhero team the G-men and gave her powers which she used to kill herself years later in the same place were she was abducted. At her memorial various members of the various G-Teams got bored. Her death was investigated by the Boys. MM found her father who told him the story surrounding her disappearance. Her powers had to do with pressure and gravity. Godolkin wanted to resurrect her. Godolkin gave her the order to kill Nubia, this forced her to seek help from CIA. Rayner was going to use her as a spy but this gave her more mental problems. Many of the G-men hated her.


    Silver Kincaid is a Dynamite Entertainment comic book character, first appearing in the Boys #23 released in 2008 the character was created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. A member of the superhero G-Men who are an analogue and parody of Marvel comics mutant team X-Men, Silver Kincaid is a parody of Jean Grey and Emma Frost. She bears many visual similarities with Emma Frost, and also seems to have Jean Grey's status within the G-Men being a founding member also involved in a love triangle of sorts.

    Powers and Abilities

    Silver Kincaid's powers seem psychic and related to pressure. She could use her powers to lethal effect, and has used her powers in numerous superheroes as well as used on herself as a way to commit suicide, blood streaming from her eyes ears and mouth.


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