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Min Li Ng first appeared as Firewall in New Warriors #7, and made her first appearance as Silk Fever in New Warriors #21. She was originally created by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley.

Major Story Arcs

Force of Nature

The daughter of Lieutenant Go Vin Ng of the South Vietnamese Army, Min Li Ng first appeared alongside the Force of Nature, a group based on elemental powers. She took the name Firewall, and claimed that her powers came from exposure to experimental napalm during the Vietnam War. She and her teammates often fought the New Warriors.

Silk Fever

Later, she was gathered by Left Hand to join the Folding Circle. Her origins were revisited as well, and her mother was revealed as a member of the Dragon's Breadth cult, a religion that sought the power of the Universal Wellspring, an otherworldly portal to another dimension. Tai, the cult's leader, forced Go Vin Ng, along with the other men in his military unit, to marry brides of the cult and make children that would be of use to her later. She relocated to Madripoor, where the Folding Circle tried to become players in the underworld.


She was later pressured to join the Thunderbolts by Baron Helmut Zemo. She fought heroes and villains who rejected the Super-Human Registration Act.

Powers & Abilities

Silk Fever is a mutate, and draws her power from the Universal Wellspring. As a pyrokinetic, she can fly by creating thermal updrafts and project large amounts of heat and flame. She can remain sheathed in flames even when she is unconscious, and is immune to heat as long as it doesn't exceed the heat she can generate.


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