Character » Silicon appears in 12 issues.

    Silicon was a mutant and student at the Xavier Institute.

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    Brief History

    Little is known of Silicon's life before before he came to the Institute, but it is known that he was part of many students that enrolled at Xavier's school once Professor X went public as a mutant, stating that the mansion was a safe place for mutants. He used his powers on both Bishop and Sage (when they were "trespassing" in the school) under Emma Frost's orders to destract them. He was able to slip past Sage when she tried to grab him, but Bishop captured him using his trench coat.

    His current whereabouts are unknown. It is presumed that he was a victim of William Stryker's Bus Bomb, and was therefore depowered Post M-Day


    Liquid body composition allows him to fly and reduce the friction of his physical form so that he can slide out of any grasp/trap easlly without harm.


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