Silicon Syndicate

    Team » Silicon Syndicate appears in 12 issues.

    A criminal organization based out of Platinum Flats who have repeatedly gone head-to-head with the Birds of Prey. Also known as the Metahuman Mafia they hide behind a consortium of companies.

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    Members and Companies

    The Silicon Syndicate or Metahuman Mafia is comprised of at least six companies run by criminals and villains. According to Oracle's research the companies are: Findster (run by Visionary), Macintech (run by Gizmo), eBuy (run by the Caretaker), YouSpace (run by the Matchmaker), Netcracker, and FunHaus Games (which is now run by Joker after he dispatched of Wizkid). They operate out of Platinum Flats.When the Joker got distracted by the opportunity to go after Barbara Gordon again, he was replaced by Calculator as the head of FunHaus Games.

    The Silcon Syndicate uses the companies to siphon off profits. They have secret budget books that hide the payoff the Syndicate takes. Some pieces of the company are still legit, but any company officials who won't cooperate are disposed of.


    They came into conflict with the Birds of Prey, and used Calculator as a double-agent…when the Birds of Prey told him to lead them to the Syndicate, he summoned Kilg%re to dispose of the BIrds. Several other heroes (Green Arrow, Speedy, Manhunter, and Black Canary) show up to protect the Birds from the Syndicate.

    Outmatched, the Syndicate retreats and regroups (at this point replacing Joker with Calculator).

    The Birds of Prey aren't finished. They begin to pick off the Syndicate members one by one, starting with the Caretaker. Oracle and Black Canary set him up with the lure of a classic car, and capture him. Infinity and Huntress free his 'collection' of people.

    The Calculator ends up doing much of the Bird's work for them when he's forced to kill Oracle in three days…or die at the hands of the Syndicate. Deciding his chances were slim-to-none of completing his main goal in time, Calculator instead comes up with a new scheme. He spreads rumors about Kilg%re to the other Syndicate members, gaining access to the location of Kilg%re's code. He sends Matchmaker to download Kilg%re's code. Naturally Kilg%re kills Matchmaker. Two Syndicate members down….

    Calculator uses an altered Motherbox to rewrite Kilg%re's coding, taking over his programming so that Calculator can mentally control him. Kilg%re is no longer his own entity, merely an extension of Calculator. Gizmo and Visionary are left alive only so long as they are helpful to Calculator.

    Calculator's failure to destroy the Birds of Prey (again) leads the remains of the Syndicate into Endgame. They confront the Birds…the remains of the Syndicate are promptly taken out. Manhunter either killed, or badly maimed Visionary, and Gizmo was more traditionally beaten down by Misfit. Calculator escaped using Kilg%re.

    This effectively disbanded the Silicone Syndicate.


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