Silent Hill: Past Life Provides Insight on Upcoming Game

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As die-hard fans are already aware, the new Silent Hill game, first revealed at this year's E3,  will be preceded by a comic book mini-series titled "Silent Hill: Past Life".  While the new Silent Hill features a modern-day convict getting lost in the supernatural town, Past Life heads back to the origins of the town; specifically to the conclusion of the Civil War.  While the mini-series will delve into Silent Hill's history as a mining town steeped in the occult, it's also been mentioned that it will reveal information and characters that will tie into the new game's plot.    

 I'm betting Silent Hill's past life wasn't a happy one.
 I'm betting Silent Hill's past life wasn't a happy one.

Tom Waltz, the writer of both the comic mini-series and the upcoming game, recently released a sneak preview of Silent Hill: Past Life Issue #1 which hinted at a connection between the two storylines.  Apparently, despite taking place more than a decade apart, the game and the comic book share a common character by the name of Howard Blackwood.  In the comic series, the main characters run into Blackwood, the young postmaster of Silent Hill.  In the E3 trailer for the upcoming Silent Hill game, it appears that Mr. Blackwood still holds this post... over a century later!    
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As a series based on a supernaturally spooky town, it's quite possible that Howard Blackwood is either an apparition or gifted with an unnaturally long life.  Whether the postmaster seen in the trailer is the same Howard Blackwood from the mini-series or simply his descendant is still unclear.  In any case, it seems that there is more to this postmaster than meets the eye, but you can decide for yourself by watching the trailer below or waiting until the game's release in 2011.   Silent Hill: Past Life #1 will be available later this month.

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