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    A Cult, also called "The Order" focused on worshiping Samael and bringing their God into the world through a vessel, such as Alessa Gillespe.

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    The Order is a cult which functions in the small town of Silent Hill, they follow a complex and violent religion based on paying homage to two separate Gods, The red god, Xuchilbara and the Yellow God, Lobsel Vith both who are seen as living representations of Samael on earth.  

       The order is known to preform various rituals to bring about the birth of their god and it's disciples (monsters) on earth, the most dramatic and well known of these beasts is Pyramid Head who represents the red god on earth in the form of an executioner.   

     In recent times, the cult has turned to selling White Dahlia, a powerful psychotropic drug, in order to support their church and rituals.   
    Essentially, The Order is behind a majority of the horrific and evil things occurring in Silent Hill, from the appearance of strange beasts to the calling of sinning souls to the town itself wherein they are punished and forced through a reliving and atonement for their sins.

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