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Silent Fox is leader of the Keewazi tribe. When the Red Star Oil Company sought to drill for oil on his land Silent Fox refused all of their offers stating "Here we were born.... and here we will die". This led to the Red Star Oil Company creating a robotic version of the Keewazi God of storytelling, Tomazooma. This Tomazooma robot then haunts Silent Fox and the Keewazi. Silent Fox refused all military assistance and all assistance from the Pentagon stating that we, the Keewazi tribe, must destroy the monster that walks our land ourselves. So he rallies together all the Keewazi tribe to pick up their weapons taken from the "palefaces" and fight Tomazooma. With the help of his grandson Wyatt Wingfoot and the Fantastic Four, Tomazooma was defeated and Silent Fox and the Keewazi were freed from the monsters terror.
Unfortunately later on Silent Fox dies off panel in Fantastic Four #269 just before Terminus began his invasion of Earth on the Keewazi reservation. Wyatt Wingfoot states that Silent Fox died seven moons previous and with Wyatt's father dead that leaves Wyatt as the sole heir to the headress chief of the Keewazi which he later turns down. 


Silent Fox was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. His first appearance was in Fantastic Four #80.


Silent Fox is a man of great honour, great courage, great integrity, great wisdom and great leadership. It is for these qualities that he was made leader of the Keewazi tribe.

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