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Powers and Abilities

Silcardo Jenazad is a master level fighter who specializes in Pencak Silat and has mastered his own form that he calls "Supreme Silat". He is a strong fighter even when compared to other master class fighters. At a young age he was able to turn the tide for the country of Tidat against UN soldiers using only martial arts and a select group of fighters using the jungle to their advantage. Jenazad only fought unarmed the entire time against the soldiers. Jenazad was also able to defeat and kill his own master with no visible injuries. His prowess can be seen with the fact Jenazad was confident that he could defeat both Akira Hongo and Shio Sakaki, the two greatest karate masters, at the same time. Akira Hongo later admits that Jenazad is stronger and even on the verge of death Jenazad had enough strength to kill the master class fighter. Jenazad is also the only person who supposidly gave Hayato Furinji a tough fight. Silcardo also seems to be somewhat familiar with medicines and torture being able to brainwash someone (Miu Furinji) using martial arts, medicine, and acting in order to try and make her his disciple. Jenazad boasts that he can raise someone to YOMI status in no time, though this could just be his way of saying he doesn't forgive failure since he tried to kill his previous disciple Radin Tidat Jihan for losing to Kenichi. Jenazad is also learning as many youth conservative techniques as he can so that he can preserve his life. His appearance reflects this since he has an old body (he is over 60 years old), but his face hasn't changed in 30+ years.


  • Amnesia Fist - Jenazad punches the opponent in both temples simultaneously to knock them unconscious and either remove small or large portions of their memory. This seems to have no effect on muscle memory since Jenazad uses this technique to acquire new disciples. This is probably the way he planned to remove the Lucha Libre training from Rachel Stanley.
  • Penembakan Hasrat Membunuh - Jenazad like most Satisuken martial artists can release a killing intent in order to scare and intimidate opponents. This technique allows Jenazad to place the killing intent in other areas misleading martial artists and making them attack other people.
  • Serangan Harimau - A pouncing style attack Jenazad was seen using in his flashback against UN troops, this was also taught to his disciple Radin Tidat Jihan.
  • Juls Combo - A combo performed that is meant to hit a number of vulnerable spots like the eyes, groin, temples, and neck.
  • Jatuhan Puncak Pohon - Jenazad jumps backwards and strikes his opponent with his hands outward. Another move learned while fighting UN troops in the jungles.
  • Tendangan Guiling Tanah - Jenazad starts upside down and then kicks his opponent with a side kick to the head.
  • Penghancur Punggung - Jenazad launches himself into the air and using both arms and legs he strikes his opponent with a slashing move.
  • Pusaran Halilintar - Jenazad again jumps into the air while using his arms for defense and to attack upwards while using the legs to attack downwards.
  • Hantu Glundung Meringis - One of Jenazad's secret techniques where he strikes multiple vital points while spinning around the opponent making it ver difficult to doge or block.
  • Saruarsa Umeguraha - Jenazad sits down with his legs crossed and strikes with both arms upwards above himself.
  • True Breathing Throw - A technique created by Jenazad which takes advantage of a master level martial artists reflexes to throw an opponent without touching them. To do this Jenazad attacks and then tries to grapple in a way where the fighter must dodge or be killed which forces the enemy to throw themselves.

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