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Living in ancient Viking times, as a tall and powerful woman, Sigrid always wished to engage in battle and combat and raids. However as a girl such behavior and wishes brought her much mocking and teasing from many of the men from her village. Even her father seemed unsupportive of Sigrid's dreams of being a warrior. The sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange and thunder god Thor identify her as a descendant of an old man, who once performed powerful rune blood magic, and as such it allowed Sigrid to circumvent effects of his magic. Essentially as a punishment the old man cursed a group of vikings with immortality, and their sudden appearance in modern day New York as well as extremely aggressive violent behavior created a need for warriors that could stand up to them. Sigrid was such a warrior.  She is paired with Magnus of the Danes and World War 2 pilot Erik Loonroth.   
A kind soul, Sigrid is more than happy to aid against the fight with Harald Jaekelsson and his many cursed vikings, merely for the fact that they are killing and slaughtering children. Despite the massive differences in eras, she appears to get on quite well with Magnus, Erik and Thor, striking up a close bond with her fellow warriors.  


Created by Garth Ennis and Glenn Fabry, Sigrid is a Marvel comics character who first appears in Thor Vikings released in 2003. Often she can appear with both a green eye and blue eye, whether this is intentional or not is unknown.  

Powers and Abilities

Above average height and size, Sigrid is human, but possesses mighty strength and power for one. She once swiped a man so hard that he lost a eye from the impact. Sigrid's blood linage enabled her to harm immortal Vikings that were powered by rune magic. She is also the strongest, fastest and best fighter in her village. She can even hack a sheep apart with a single blow and can also throw a spear further than anyone else in her village. 

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