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Not much is known about "Signore" Saviano's past, exept that he became a world-famous opera-singer, whom toured throughout the world. During this time, Saviano became close friends with the X-man known as Wolverine. Simpathyzing with the mutant-cause, Saviano used his role as a popular singer to help out mutants whom where prosecuted in their own country by smuggeling them to safety in his private yet, if he would have a concert in that country. Wolverine contacted him on a number of occasions if mutants needed help.


Signore Saviano was created by Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato Jr. and first appeared in the Free Comic Book Day 2019 (Avengers/Savage Avengers) one-shot (2019).

Major Story Arcs

Kidnapping and Death

After one of Saviano's tours in the states, he was kidnapped after the show by the ninja-cult known as The Hand. He was then transported to Egypt by teleportation. There he met the Sickle Priest. At first, Saviano thought this was a regular kidnapping and told his hostage-taker that Saviano's managent was instructed to pay randsome-money imidiately if Saviano would be kidnapped. When The Hand stated it was not a kidnapping, Saviano stated that he had powerfull friends (meening Wolverine) that would come looking for him. The Sickle Priest then told Saviano that that was exactely what they where hoping for, after which he sliced Saviano's throught, killing him.
Not aware of the fate of his friend, Wolverine started an investigation for his missing friend, vowing revenge.


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