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    In the CrossGen universe, a Sigil bearer is an individual who has been marked by one two ascended Atlantians, Solusandra or Danik. There is also an opposing sign, the Ligis, given by the evil Charon.

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    Types of Sigils

    In the CrossGen imprint of comics, Sigil-bearers are the central focus of most of the individual titles, and figure largely into the overall structure of the CrossGen universe, otherwise known as the Sigilverse.

    There are essentially three types of Sigil-bearers, and two of these groups can be further broken down into smaller groups. All Sigils are marks given to individuals by beings who have undergone a Transition, or ascenion to become god-like beings. Solusandra and Danik are tranisioned Atlanteans from Earth's ancient past (over 100,000 years in the past). All of Solusandra's Sigil-bearers are human, while most of Danik's are un-ascended Atlanteans with the remaining two being human. Charon, the evil god of the Negation universe, learns how to give a similar symbol, called a Ligis, to non-human creatures with the aid of the Sigil-bearer Javi.

    Solusandra's Sigil-bearers

    The original Sigil-bearers possess a yellow and red colored symbol which very much resembles a Yin-Yang symbol. This Sigil was is the symbol of Solusandra, and is bestowed by her in a seemingly random nature although it is later discovered that she was actually very deliberate in her choosing, if not always wise. Each of these Sigil-bearers have an appointed Mentor, who is actually a splinter aspect of Danik. When Solusandra was cast down following confrontations with her Atlantean peers and Charon of the Negation, Danik took it upon himself to watch over and train her Bearers for the the coming war.

    Humans granted this symbol are advanced up their personal evolutionary scale as far as possible. This change, though prompted by the Sigil, is genetic and permanent. Even if the Sigil is lost or removed by Solusandra, the Bearers powers are not lost, though they might initially believe so. Over time, the Bearers will regain their powers, and in fact most likely experience a power increase because of their need to relearn the power's use.

    There are likely more Sigil-bearers existing on worlds across the universe than is known. The following is a listing and summary of the know Sigil-bearers of Solusandra.

    The Original Five

    Samandahl Rey of Gaia: One of the original five Sigil-bearers, and the most important in Danik's plans for the future. Sam's Sigil gave him molecular control over inanimate matter. Sam's Sigil is located on his chest, and looks very much like a burn. Through the Sigil's use, Sam becomes the leader of humanity's fight against the Saurian race (which only sees humans as food to be eaten). Samandahl Rey sires a child with Capricia of Atlantis.

    Sephie of Meridian on Demetria: One of the original five Sigil-bearers, and potentially one of the most powerful. Sephie's Sigil grants her defensive shielding, repair of organic and inorganic matter, healing of organic matter, flight, and a myriad other abilities. Through the Sigil's use, Sephie begins a crusade against her uncle Ilahn, a cruel despot bent on world (if not universal) domination. Sephie's Sigil is located on her forehead.

    Ilahn of Cadador on Demetria: One of the original five Sigil-bearers, and one of the most ruthless. Ilahn's abilities included disintegration of matter, energy blasts, self-healing and teleportation. Ilahn is also the first to learn that Sigil bearers can drain the powers/life-forces of the First. Through the Sigil's use, Ilahn strives to solidify his power over the planet, and rid himself of his niece Sephie once and for all. Ilahn's Sigil is located at his throat.

    Giselle Villard of Ciress: One of the original five Sigil-bearers. Giselle's Sigil allowed her to possess all of the spirits of the great masters of her world, and allowed her to perform high-order magic without preparation, material elements, or spells. Through the use of her Sigil, Giselle successfully defends her planet from Animora, an evil First who wishes Ciress as her personal plaything. When Solusandra returned to Giselle to take the Sigil back, Giselle was able to put up fantastic resistance against the goddess, but ultimately failing. Giselle's Sigil is located on her right palm.

    Ethan of the Heron Dynasty on Avalon: One of the original five Sigil-bearers. Ethan's Sigil grants him the use of a sword of light, as well as multiple defensive abilities and fighting skills, and the ability to heal himself (and later others). Through the Sigil's use, Ethan defends the Herons Dynasty from those in the Raven Dynasty who would see it destroyed, and also successfully creates a free homeland for the Lesser Races. Ethan's Sigil is located on his right bicep.

    Additional Bearers

    Brath Mac Garen of Han-Jinn: Brath is a clan leader among the strongest Urelanders clans. He works to unite the myriad clans to better repel invades to their homeland. Brath's Sigil grants him multiple abilities, including personal healing, language translation, and confidence building. Through the use of the Sigil, Brath unites his clans, but is ultimately is captured by the enemy when Solusandra returns to take her Sigil back. Brath's Sigil is located on his chest.

    Sara Janning of Yamivol Prime: Sara Janning is an ice miner on the planet Yamivol Prime, far out on the frontier of the Chimera Empire. Sara is in hiding from the Emperor and his family, a dynasty which brought themselves to power through genetic manipulation of their line. Chimera's Emperors have mandated periodic genetic scanning of every inhabitant in a search for genes they can use to take the next step in their family's evolution. Sara has evaded capture since the day she saw her family killed by Chimera forces right before her eyes. That was also the day she was granted her Sigil. Sara's Sigil powers are somewhat esoteric, and don't really manifest themselves until she is fighting for her life against the Emperor who discovers her true nature. Sara's Sigil is located on the small of her back.

    Mordath of Quin: Mordath is an undead human, and the despot conqueror of the Five Lands of Quin. Three-hundred years before when he first tried to conquer the Five Lands, Altwaal appeared out of nowhere to end the battle by shooting Mordath through the chest with an explosive arrow. [See: Altwaal's Weapons] Three centuries later, he is resurrected (but not given full life, only reanimation of an emaciated body) and given a Sigil of power, which he uses to destroy that who stood against him and enslave the remainder of the Five Land's inhabitants. Mordath is likely the most evil and ruthless, and used his Sigil powers nearly exclusively for destruction. Curiously, Modath's Sigil never healed his undead body, and possibly because of his character he never thought to turn his powers inward and attempt such a feat. Mordath's Sigil is located on the top of his head, and is the largest Sigil among all the bearers.

    Lindy Karsten (AKA Radiant) of Heliotrope: Lindy is a designer of high-end MMORPGs for her world. As Radiant, Lindy is the undisputed champion of her world's most popular game (a planet on which it seems EVERYONE plays). Lindy is the first Sigil-bearer to have her mark taken away by its creator, Solusandra. Lindy's Sigil seems to grant her heightened speed and reflexes, giving her a decided edge in the game world. The original location of Lindy's Sigil is unknown, as she always wore a neck to toe gaming suit. However, her suit does have an all-golden version of the Sigil in multiple places.

    Todosi of Han-Jinn: Todosi was a great warrior of his people, the defender of their homeland. When he was granted the Sigil by who he thought was a goddess, he knew he had been touched by destiny. He knew that he had been marked, and that his mark prophesied the fate of his people, but did that fate include victory. Todosi was continually successful in defending his people, until the day the gods appeared. As an "experiment" to see if a Sigil-bearer could be killed, one of the First used the Rod of Altwaal [See: Altwaal's Weapons ] against Todosi, successfully killing him. When Todosi died, his Sigil moved to his brother, who then vowed to kill every god in heaven in revenge. Todosi's Sigil was located on the middle of his back.

    Obo-san (AKA Nobuyuki Tsugawa) of Han-Jinn: Obo-san was a devout monk and eschewed all forms of violence. However, he knew that the homeland must be protected, so he lent his wisdom to his brother Todosi, and to the Emperor. When Todosi died at the hands of a god, Obo-san inherited his brother's Sigil, and also came in possession of the very weapon that caused the murder, a weapon he dubbed "The Weapon of Heaven." Obo-san became his homeland's protector in his brother's stead, rejecting his non-violent past, and rejecting the worship of the god as well. He vowed to kill every god in heaven as revenge for the callous murder of his brother. Obo-san Sigil grants him the ability to influence and control other humans with the very words he speaks. Obo-san's Sigil is located on his back, just as it had been on his brother.

    Lord Birrema of Courabo: Birrema is the beloved ruler of the world Courabo, a war torn world which is now living in peace because of the efforts of his efforts. Biremma is the first Sigil-bearer approached by Ilahn of Cadador for help against Sephie. Biremma, who is at first distrustful of Ilahn and wants nothing to do with him, is soon swayed when Ilahn promises aid for Courabo's people. When Biremma and Ilahn shake hands on the deal, either they sympathetic telepathy shared between Sigil-bearers does not work, or Ilahn is somehow able to deceive Biremma, or Biremma overlooks Ilahn's nature for the good of his people. Biremma ultimately allows Sephie to defeat him once he learns the real truth of her character. Biremma's Sigil grants him the power to fly, increased fighting prowess, and the ability to create armor, a shield, and a sword, all made of hard light.

    Taylor (AKA Mighty Man): Taylor's world is one of the first planets to suffer a full scale invasion by Charon and his Negation forces. Taylor has used his Sigil power to assume the role of superhero protector of his planet. Taylor, which is Mighty Man's secret identity, works as a reporter at a major newspaper in a very large city. When the Negation arrives, they attack without warning, vaporizing and entire section of the cities inhabitants with their first strike, leaving only Mighty Man as a survivor. Taylor confronts Evinlea of the First, who is now fighting for Charon. He is quickly defeated, and is questioned by Charon, who is searching for Taylor's mentor, and aspect of Danik. Once they have the information needed, Evinlea blows Mighty Man's head off with a blast of power. As an obvious "clone" of Superman, Mighty Man possesses the same types of powers, but his levels are unknown. Taylor's Sigil was located just below his throat.

    Kellra Tuskin of Cardeen: Kellra is Cardeen's leading prognosticator and family/relationship counselor. Kellra is able to see into the future using her Sigil's powers, specifically looking into the coming history of individuals and thereby give them advice to change that future for the better. When Kellra is confronted by Solusandra, she refuses to relinquish her Sigil, and somehow uses her knowledge against the goddess. Kellra is thought to already been highly trained in her vocation well before she gained her Sigil, and that is what guided her ultimate manifestations of powers. Kellra is successful in driving Solusandra mad, making her see visions that cause her to loose all self-control. Solusandra leaves Cardeen without taking back her Sigil.

    Neine of the blue-skinned feralfolk: Neine is one of the four Sigil-bearers from various worlds who are co-opted into helping Ilahn of Cadador fight against Sephie. Neine had once served as an agent for Ingra of the First, fighting at her side at some time in his past. Neine's Sigil seems to grant him increased fighting ability, speed, reflexes, and flexibility as well was flight. Neine is ultimately defeated by Sephie.

    Mikos of Abyelos: Mikos is a young boy (teenager) who believes his Sigil powers had been given to him as a gift from a deity. At first, Mikos uses his powers to perform simple "magic" tricks to impress children, but he soon learned to harness his powers in increasingly growing measure. Soon, the people of Abyelos begin to swamp the boy, begging him to perform miracles in their lives. Eventually Mikos has all he can stand, and he commands them all to stop, which they all do because his emotional outburst causes his power to flare, turning every inhabitant on the planet to statues of crystal. When Solusandra arrives to take away his Sigil, Lindy Karsten convinces her to give him a short amount of time to solve the problem, which he does at just the last moment. Solusandra then takes her Sigil and departs. Mikos's Sigil grants him matter conversion powers, telekinesis, and matter-energy conversion powers. Mikos cries A LOT and possesses a high-level of chemistry and biological knowledge. Mikos's Sigil was located on his forehead, which he always hid with a funky looking piece of *Liefeld-esque* headgear.

    Johnny Jumpjet of the Helix Worlds: Not much is known about the hero of the Helix Worlds, Johnny Jumpjet. He is a short, fat, bald guy who wears a rocket-equipped space suit complete with pressurized helmet, even in the perfectly breathable atmosphere a habitable planet. Johnny's Sigil-based powers are unknown. Johnny was one of the first Sigil-bearers recruited by Samandahl Rey for the fight against the Negation. Johnny was last seen about to get his butt kicked by Mordath for asking a stupid question. Johnny's Sigil is located on the left side of his bald head.

    Columella the iron goddess: Columella is one of the four Sigil bearers recruited by Ilahn for his fight against Sephie. Columella is known as the iron goddess on her homeworld, but where that is and what her story entails is unknown. She is a savage fighter, and thinks more highly of herself than she really should, since she is easily defeated by Sephie, a girl half her age. Columella apparently worked at sometime in the past for Ingra of the First. Columella's Sigil grants her flight, advanced battle prowess, and other unknown abilities.

    Grenang the blacksmith: Grenang is one of the four Sigil-bearers recruited by Ilahn for his fight against Sephie of Meridian. Not much is known about Grenang or his background, other than he is a blacksmith, and holds clan "etiquette" in high regard. He comes close to dealing Sephie a mortal blow, and is then disintegrated by Ilahn in anger. Grenang's Sigil granted him the power of flight, blast powers, and other unknown abilities.

    Turos of Meridian on Demetria: Turos was once the Minister of Meridian, father to Sephie, and brother to Ilahn. He is notable as the shortest lived Sigil-bearer on record, dying only minutes after receiving the mark. Unknown to all, Ilahn had been poisoning his brother, so the stress of the Sigil's empowerment was too much for his weakened constitution to bear. He died, passing the Sigil onto his daughter, Sephie.

    Javi of Larringa: Javi was a doctor on Larringa who used his Sigil's power to heal. Javi was abducted by Negation agents into the Dark Universe. There he learned he was better able to still access his abilities than any other Sigil-bearer, and also learned he could boost the power of other Sigil-bearers, or members of The First, around him. He is recruited by Evinlea of the First, and is eventually presumed killed at the hands of Negation forces. Buried and left to rot, his Sigil actually keeps him alive and slowly heals his body. He is unearthed by Charon, and pressed into the evil god's service. Being a highly religious man, Javi (after working to destroy him) comes to believe that Charon is the true god and dedicates his life to the mad deity's service. Javi is killed again in a confrontation with Obregon Kaine's resistance group. Javi's Sigil was located on his right forearm.

    Mercer Drake of the Karzath System: Mercer's power is to overcome any physical obstacle to attain a location or object. Back in the Karzath System, Mercer was a pirate and profiteer, using his Sigil abilities for personal gain. Mercer is one of a group of Sigil-bearers who are abducted into the Negation universe and placed under observation on a prison planet. At first, Mercer joins Obregon Kaine's resistance, but eventually departs to essentially find a planet to hide on away from Charon and his minions. Mercer's Sigil is located on his chest.

     Westin: Westin has the ability to see how technology is operated, and uses it to help his fellow captives of the Negation escape from Komptin on his prison planet. Later it is revealed that he actually sees backwards in time when he comes in contact with a device. When this happens, he is able to see how the technology was operated before, and then emulates what he sees, sometimes with less than desirable results. At first a member of Obregon Kaine's resistance, he follows Mercer away from the battle.

    Shassa: Shassa's powers enable her to combat any enemy by feeding off portions of their strengths, though it only affects her and does not seem to weaken her opponents in any way. Shassa rarely wins any of her confrontations, leading many to believe she does not truly understand how her powers operate and is too obstinate to ask for aid or training. A member of Obregon Kaine's resistance, she eventually leaves the to follow Mercer's splinter group, ostensibly to "protect" those without a Sigil.

    Rika the All-Seeing of the Eternal Empire: Not much is known about Rika other than the fact she was tricked into aiding Ingra of the First.

    Riaglal of Forest: Nearly nothing at all is known of Riaglal but for a name.

    Unknown Sigil-bearers: Various Sigil-bearers seen throughout the Sigilverse. Most of these Sigil-bearers were recruited by Samandahl Rey by order of Danik to join the fight against Charon and his Negation. The furry, blue-skinned fellow was among those captured by the Negation and taken to their prison planet. He is killed during an escape attempt, proving that Sigil-bearers can be killed, though it is extremely hard to accomplish.

    Danik's Sigil-Bearers

    Danik's Sigil is a glowing, all-orange symbol, oval in general shape with two arms (imitating a spiral galaxy). Danik first granted his Sigil to his best friend from 100,000 years before in Atlantis, Capricia. In turn, he ordered her to choose five more companions to aid her in a sudden battle against monsters from the Negation universe. Atlanteans, having already ascended up the evolutionary scale, already possess a myriad of powers, depending upon what Discipline they chose earlier in their life. Danik's Sigil seems to offer advanced protection and lends focus to the powers they already possess as Atlanteans.

    In the case of the two humans, Danik's Sigil does not seem to offer evolutionary advancement as Solusandra's does. Here the Sigils allow for increased acuteness for mental and sensory abilities the owner already possesses.

    Atlantean Bearers

    Capricia of Atlantis: The first of Danik's Sigil-bearers, and another of the most important in his plans. Capricia is an empath, and exhibits shape-changing abilities. Capricia was a student of the Empathy Discipline in Atlantis. Capricia bears the child of Samandahl Rey. Capricia's Sigil rests atop her left breast.

    Galvan of Atlantis: One of the first six of Danik's Sigil-bearers, and twin brother to Gammid. Galvan's abilities allow him to control the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Galvan was a student of the Passion Discipline in Atlantis. Galvan's Sigil rests atop his left breast.

    Gammid of Atlantis: One of the first six of Danik's Sigil-bearers, and twin brother to Galvan. Galvan's abilities allow him to control the ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Gammid was a student of the Passion Discipline in Atlantis. Gammid's Sigil rests atop his left breast.

    Tug of Atlantis: One of the first six of Danik's Sigil-bearers. Tug's abilities rest in his mind, allowing him both sharp telepathy and powerful telekinesis. Tug was a student of the Mind Discipline in Atlantis. Tug's Sigil rests atop his left breast.

    Verityn of Atlantis: One of the first six of Danik's Sigil-bearers, and the youngest. Verityn's abilities allow him to act as a seer, seeing into both the past and the future. He is also a powerful telepath, and can observe the flow of energy in space and time. Verityn was a student of the Spirit Discipline in Atlantis. Verityn's Sigil rests atop his left breast.

    Zephyre of Atlantis: One of the first six of Danik's Sigil-bearers. Zephyre's abilities allow her to move with incredible speed. Zephyre as a student of the Body Discipline in Atlantis. Zephyre's Sigil rests atop her left breast.

    Human Bearers

    Cassie Starkweather of Erebus: Cassie's Sigil grants her the ability to "see" ghosts, and otherwise speak to the dead and to supernatural creatures.Simon Archard of Arcadia: Archard is a detective and master sleuth. He has eidetic memory and is close to emotionless, remaining utterly calm in situations of crisis. He also remains emotionally distant from other people. Simon carries his Sigil on the end of his cane, which never leaves his hand.

    Charon's Ligis-Bearers

    Charon, evil god of the Negation universe, is an ascended human from planet Earth. Tens of thousands of years following the Atlanteans, he and a work associate Appolyon ascended, they were ripped into the Negation universe. At first, Charon was temporarily insane, but was nursed back to mental health by Appolyon. In addition, Charon divested himself of his "bad" emotions and desires. These in turn became corporeal and self-aware beings of great power, his Lawbringers.

    Charon saw the universe he had entered, and found it in "chaos." The laws of physics worked differently some places than they had in his universe, and might even be subject to change. Using his Lawbringers and the remaining humans who had survived being ripped off the Earth as an army, he embarked on a crusade bring order to the chaos of this universe. He was opposed by Appolyon, but possessing slightly greater power, banished his enemy to a hellish sub-dimension. Charon then set himself up as Emperor of the Negation universe.

    Ten thousand years later, resistance to Charon's Negation forces is virtually nil, and he turns his eye back out of his universe to the one from which he came. After a short and explosive meeting with Solusandra, Charon has dimensional portals between the universes contructed, and begins slowly infiltrating the Bright universe. Charon gains intelligence on the First and the Sigil-bearers, eventually abducting representatives of each for further study. He begins attempting to graft his own version of the Sigil on his own universe's natural inhabitants, all of which are non-humans. The result are grotesque and disastrous, resulting in horrible deaths for every creature experimented upon. Charon decides to attempt grafting human DNA into his subjects, but the result is even more horrible than previous experiments. When Javi Cobian is dug out of his grave, Charon convinces him to use his powers to heal the grafting subjects long enough for them to live and receive Charon's Ligis. Below are listed the first four, and thus far only known Ligis-bearers.

    • Shrakti of the Negation: Shrakti's abilities include spatial and dimensional teleportation. Her ultimate limits are unknown.
    • Tibian of the Negation: Tibian's abilities allow him to fight with unbridled fury. He is able to both sustain and cause massive amounts of damage.
    • Trocantor of the Negation: Trocantor is a telepath of the highest order. Only the mind of his god, Charon, has proven to be beyond his comprehension.
    • Brevus of the Negation: Brevus possesses near unlimited strength. The upper limits of his strength is unknown.

    Note on CrossGen Comics

    Soon after the Negation War had begun, CrossGen Comics suffered bankruptcy and ceased publication of all volumes. Many of the Sigil-bearer's stories remain unfinished, and in some cases are quite confusing when comparing the stories in individual publications to the beginning storyline of the Negation War. (For example, Mordath is thought killed by Arwyn in an unofficial script released by Sojourn's writer, but he is seen being recruited by Samandahl Rey at the beginning of the Negation War.) The final outcome of the Sigil-bearers and their war against Charon and his Negation remains unknown.


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