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    An Imperial Knight during the Legacy era.

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    Sigel Dare is an Imperial Knight who served Emperor Roan Fel during the Second Imperial Civil War. She was very loyal and preformed several important missions during the war.


    Bastion and Dac

    Sigel accompanied Emperor Fel as a bodyguard, along with Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg, as he retook the planet Bastion from Darth Krayt’s Sith Empire. Several weeks later she and Treis Sinde were assigned to sabotage the Star Destroyer Imperious, a highly destructive ship being built by the Sith Empire, before it left the dock around the planet Dac. At the same time this is happening, Admiral Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance Remnant tries, and succeeds, to steal the Imperious. A Mon Calamari senator, Gial Gahan, helped him steal it and Darth Krayt punishes the entire species by slaughtering their leadership on a live intergalactic transmission to the entire galaxy then ordering the whole species into work camps until they are extinct. Monia Gahan, the niece of the senator, and a pilot in Rogue Squadron, tries to flee stormtroopers on Dac but is cornered and refuses to surrender but before she is killed, Sigel and Treis slaughter the stormtroopers and save her; when she asks if they are Jedi, Sigel says they are better because they are Imperial Knights.

    Sigel defeats stormtroopers alongside Treis Sinde.
    Sigel defeats stormtroopers alongside Treis Sinde.

    Sigel stands by silently as Treis explains to Monia that they are escorting her off planet so she can tell Stazi about how they sabotaged the Imperious with multiple sets of explosives because they were unaware of the Admiral’s plan. Sigel berates Stazi for not expecting that other factions would not have plans for the Imperious and starts arguing with Monia but Treis stops them because bickering will not solve their problems. Sigel asks Treis why they are bothering to save Stazi since he is their enemy as well as the Sith and she is berated by the elder Knight for not seeing the bigger picture saying that an alliance with Stazi is worth it because of the Sith’s previous attempts to sabotage the talks. Monia interjects and tells the pair that they need to rescue the other pilots trapped on the planet and Sigel flat out refuses saying that they are not required, only Monia is. The Mon Cal counters by saying that it will put them in good standing with Admiral Stazi if the knights rescue all of the pilots to which Sigel responds that if it was up to her, she would leave every pilot and let Stazi die in space but she defers to Treis, who agrees and they free the other pilots after killing their stormtrooper guards.

    Treis tells three of the pilots to dress in the stormtrooper armor and Sigel dresses in a lieutenant uniform and they bring the non-human pilots to the hanger level for a “prisoner transfer.” The group gets stopped by an officer who wants to know what is going on and tries to check with the local Sith Lord, Darth Azard, about the transfer but Sigel uses a Jedi Mind Trick on them and they pass. The group boards a shuttle and Sigel and Treis use the Force to deal with the crew members on board. Darth Azard feels the Force disturbance and arrives to investigate. Treis sees him and jumps out of the shuttle to duel the Sith Lord after ordering Sigel to leave. When Monia, who is in the cockpit of the shuttle with Sigel, is astounded that Sigel would just leave him there with all Sith forces, Sigel tells her that as an Imperial Knight both know their duty and will serve it by any cost, then yells at the pilot for not having escaped yet. As Treis and Azard duel below, Sigel uses the Force to manipulate an explosive canister form the hanger and has it shot, causing a massive explosion that allows the ship and Master Sinde to escape unharmed. Once the ship rendezvous with the Imperious, Sigel and Monia meet Stazi on the bridge and the Imperial Knight and Admiral don’t get along well because of their deep loyalty to their respective factions. Despite this, Sigel’s words are able to convince Stazi that an alliance between the Fel Empire and the Galactic Alliance Remnant would be beneficial to all and Stazi agrees, saying that past enmities must fall to new realities, namely Krayt’s cruelty. Sigel contacts Emperor Fel to tell him that Stazi is open to an alliance between the two factions.

    Sometime later, back on Bastion, Emperor Fel orders Sigel to retrieve Sinde from Dac.

    Return to Dac

    Before heading to Dac, Dare makes a stop at the Imperious, renamed the Alliance, because it has up-to-date Imperial Shuttles and she needs it to get through to the surface. Admiral Stazi, who is meeting with a group of Jedi, allows her to take one, and a Togrutan Jedi, Asaak Dan, wants to go with her to meet Master Sinde as he has heard good things about him and his assistance to the Mon Calamari Rangers. Dare refuses saying that she doesn’t want a Jedi on her ship but Stazi tells her that it is his shuttle on loan and he is more than happy to let Master Dan go with her or she can go back to Bastion empty handed, Dare agrees to let the Jedi come along.

    Sigel in a three-way duel with Jedi Asaak Dan and Treis Sinde.
    Sigel in a three-way duel with Jedi Asaak Dan and Treis Sinde.

    On the ship before they land on Dac, Dare tells him the plan is that she is an Imperial Intelligence Officer and he is one of her agents and they are going to get in and get out quickly. Dan is amused as this is the fifth time that she has told him and describes her as very Imperial, to which she gets angry. When they do land she uses a Mind trick to get past the guard and Dan comments about her so freely using it but she tells him to shut up and they meet Sinde at the rendezvous point. There she tells Sinde to come with her but he tells her he cannot because he says that he will obey the Force and stay to help the Mon Calamari resistance. Dare draws her lightsaber and tells him that he will obey the Emperor but Sinde is unafraid as he taught her how to use a lightsaber. The two begin to duel and they argue about what their duty is; Dare says it is to the Emperor because as long as there is a usurper in the throne, it is a matter of personal loyalty; Sinde counters saying that their duty is to the Force embodied by the Emperor and that personal loyalty has nothing to do with it. Dan then ignites his lightsaber and tries to separate the two who then attack him. Dan Force Pushes Dare away but she recovers and jumps at him. He tells her he has a solution to their problem but Dare says she doesn’t want to hear it and attacks. Dan tells Sinde that he agrees that he needs to return to Bastion to teach the Imperial Knights to serve the Force embodied by the Emperor instead of the Emperor; Dan is able to subdue both with a Force Push and volunteer’s to take Sinde’s place or they could keep fighting and they would either die or be captured by the Sith and help no one. Sinde agrees to this and he and Dare leave for Bastion. On the way out he compliments Dare for her lightsaber skills but chastises her for her lack of manners; to which she claims that Dan was trying to vex her but he was a brave and skillful warrior.


    When the pair returns to Bastion, they help Azlyn Rae test her new life support suit in combat situations with Ganner Krieg. Dare is chosen to go with the Emperor and other Imperial Knights, including Sinde, Rae, Krieg, Antares Draco, Marasiah Fel, and others, to meet the Jedi on the planet Agamar to form a true alliance as they are both already allies with Stazi. The Sith find out about the meeting and, after a warning from Nyna Calixte, the Imperial Knights and the Jedi defend the Emperor and themselves form the Sith attack. Sigel defends the Emperor and is able to escape with him and head back to Bastion. On Bastion she attends the funeral for the Knights who fell on Agamar, including Antares Draco.


    Fighting Sith forces with Jedi Shado Vao.
    Fighting Sith forces with Jedi Shado Vao.

    During the final battle of the war, Dare is assigned to the ground attack force that will take out the ground defenses on the planet and she teams up with Shado Vao to do so. The pair then meets up with the other teams and when Cade Skywalker and Wolf Sazen leave to kill Krayt, Dare, along with Vao, Ganner Krieg, Jedi Master Rasi Tuum and another Knight fight Sith outside of the throne room of the Sith Temple to buy Cade time by holding off Sith minions. During the fight, Dare is stabbed in the right shoulder and collapses but Krieg rushes to her defense and protects her until the battle is over. Dare survives the wound and attends the funeral of Roan Fel, who died during the battle after falling to the Dark Side.

    Powers and Abilities

    Sigel Dare is a Force sensitive human female. She was a Master Imperial Knight and has advanced lightsaber skills as was noted by several fellow knights. She is also quite adept at using the Force in or out of combat. In combat she commonly utilized the Force Push technique and also used the force to augment her physical abilities such as jumping. Out of combat she commonly employed the Jedi Mind Trick on multiple Imperial Officers of high rank and never failed an attempt. She was even able to convince them what she said was the truth for a short while after she left. Dare also demonstrated skilled use of telekinesis through the Force.


    Sigel Dare had a very cold and stand-offish personality. She believed so strongly in her duty and strength as an Imperial Knight that she felt all other Force users and factions were not worthwhile. She was wholly devoted to Emperor Roan Fel and followed his orders to the letter, claiming that it was her duty as a Knight even when her former master, Treis Sinde, told her that is was the Force embodied by the Emperor; she tried to kill him for attempting to disobey orders. While she was totally loyal to Fel and would follow his orders to the letter she had much contempt for other authority figures. She was often sarcastic towards Admiral Gar Stazi, one of the most powerful men in the galaxy, and displayed open contempt and hostility towards Jedi. She didn’t hate the Jedi as much as thought that they were inferior to Imperial Knights, she believed them to be weak willed and had no real duty and thus were aimless. This was not to say that she was always rude, after her duel with Asaak Dan, she complimented his abilities with a lightsaber, albeit she told Sinde and Dan was out of an earshot. She also showed respect to Stazi when the situation involved the Empire or if it was very serious. Dare was also trained as an Imperial agent, frequently going on undercover missions and doing the talking to enemies when in groups.


    Dare wore the standard red armor of the Imperial Knight on most occasions but would also wear anything that served her purpose like Imperial Officer uniforms or clothing that would mark her as a member of the Galactic Alliance Remnant. She had blue eyes and long brown hair which she has braided and styled into a distinctive up-do.


    Dare owned the standard red armor of the Imperial Knight and a silver-grey lightsaber that was standard of the Imperial Knights she also used blasters on occasion and stole several Imperial Officer uniforms that she wore on several missions as disguises.


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