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Physical Description: dark brown eyes, black hair, 5'9", slender. Her left hand has no flesh on it and is the exposed metal skeletal hand.




Archaeologist/Programmer - specializing in ancient cultures.


Masters degree in Art History     


Sacha was born into a wealthy Indian family; her father being friends of Minerva's (Crimson), parents, and was given a substantial inheritance upon their deaths. She was one of the first members recruited into Minerva's Sentinel Project, led by Emelie (Azure). Some time between 2010 and 2012, Sacha was killed. How is unknown, but her consiousness was transfered into her Android blank, before the event which devestated the earth.  
Sienna has taken it upon herself to salvage the great works of art, and spends most of her time trolling the submerged cities for the masterpieces littered about the globe in various museums and private collections. 
Of the four android models, Sienna is the most battle-hardened, and has embraced her artificial side unlike any of the others.

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