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    One of the three Battleship-class Ubermensch the German forces use to battle the Russians during WWII.

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    Current Events

    Siegmund currently just engaged Siegfried in a small scuffle before Hitler, who he had thought he had killed, shows up and reveals he is apparently not dead (to be confirmed later).


    Werner was a soldier in the Wermacht, long before the Ubermensch appeared. He was present at the Battle of Stalingrad and somehow escaped, making his way back through Kursk and to Germany. Upon reaching the Battle of Kursk and realizing Hitler would continue to throw men and material at the war until they were all ready Werner decided he would stop at nothing to kill him.

    Werner steals the identity of a dead man - something that was quite easy to do apparently - and through a stroke of fate becomes a Ubermensch.

    Character Evolution

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    Werner was the first Battleship deployed by German forces in the whining hours of April 29th, 1945. Although General Sankt and the other generals were hesitant to deploy him and his forces, Werner insisted they be deployed to save another German allies - even at the cost of reduced performance on the proper battle the next day. His task force quickly and brutality attacks the First Ukrainian front outside Beelitz in effort to relieve the German Ninth Army. Siegmund and his task force inflict heavy causalities and succeed in relieving the army, and it later joins and supports Sankt's forces.

    The next day during the battle proper, Siegmund and his task force ride on motorcycles, attacking soviet forces north of Berlin. They penetrate enemy lines deep and cause mass destruction. Through combined effort with both task force Sieglinde and Siegfried, Werner and the Ubermensch force the capitulation of some 1,000,000 soviet soldiers and the Battle of Berlin is a resounding victory for the Reich.

    Werner spends the next day performing anti-air duties over Berlin, and attempts to relieve Klaudia (she refuses). Through their combined efforts, Klaudia and Werner completely destroy an allied bomber group and make daylight bombing raids an obsolete strategy for the allies.

    After the Battle of Berlin Siegmund and his task force was sent east, through East Prussia and then into the Ukraine. His objective was to ensure the Soviet Army continued to retreat and given Germany more breathing room. In order to achieved this, Werner was required to traverse the entire front, punching holes in Soviet lines to keep general advance of the German army. This was achieved, though at a slow pace.

    Although the Soviets manage moderate success against the lesser V2 tank-men, Siegmund is thus completely unstoppable. Any time he appears the Soviet's suffer disaster. The Soviet High command notes that they can't even break his stride with any conventional method. He moves freely throughout the battlefield and is near-unstoppable. Even a temporary encirclement of German forces by the Soviets failed and Siegmund punched a hole through their lines - despite being on the end of a 12 hour deployment.

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    In a desperation move the Soviets then apply Woden's Blood to the near 420,000 soldiers who escaped the Battle of Berlin in order to create tank-men of their own to counter Siegmund. They estimate they will produce only 84, and are "lucky" to create a final total of 101. 11 are held in reserve and 90 tank men are all simultaneously thrown at Siegmund on the open step at the Second Battle of Kursk.

    Although the risk was enormous, with Colossus falling to Sieglinde and his V2 support being ineffective, the mass group of V2's nevertheless prove successful against Siegmund. Their combined Distortion Halos manage to cripple him - cut off his arm - though they fail in eliminating him and he successfully retreat. Siegmund also killed 81 of the 90 V2's sent against him.

    He later cauterizes his wound and retreats back to Germany.

    While Sieglinde is sent to London to kill Churchill, Siegmund is later gifted a personal one on one dinner with Hitler himself. Hitler comments on Siegmund being a coward and a poor warrior. Eventually Siegmund uses his Distortion Halo ability to tweak a valve in Hitler's heart and kills him - disguising it as heart failure.

    Markus eventually finds out and engages him in a battle, though Hitler later shows up to stop the fight, revealing he may not be dead.


    Werner, out of all of the Battleships, displays by far the most honor and integrity. In his very first appearance he immediately displays this, opting to save the remnants of the German Ninth Army and thousands of civilians despite the fact that it would force his battle group out of the main action and instead give honor to Markus.

    Werner also displays a high amount of tactical and strategical thinking, knowing it was more wise to cut his losses (literally) at the Battle of Kursk and retreat alive then to stay and finish off the remaining Soviet forces and endanger his life. Even crippled, he was still a force to be reckon with.

    Siegmund also hates Hitler and considers him a mass murderer of the highest order, holding him responsible for the death of all his loved ones.

    Powers and Abilities

    Although the process is still being understood, the creation of Ubermensch begins with giving them treatments of an alien material known as Woden's Blood. Approximately one in five thousand humans can undertake treatments - those who cannot immediately die when touching the material.

    Most humans can take three treatments, resulting it a common Panzermensch with enhanced speed, strength, invulnerability and an energy projection/manipulation ability referred to as distortion Halos. Later, different types of Ubermensch are created, some sacrificing their Halo ability for greater physical prowess or vice versa.

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    Even rarer are humans who can handle more treatments of Woden's blood. The strongest being referred to as Battleships, which can handle a total of 24 treatments. Werner is one of these such Battleships.


    Werner, as a battle-class ship Ubermensch is granted an enormous amount of strength. He himself is fully capable of tossing around tanks and tearing men apart. He even displayed the ability to cut V2 Tank-Men in half with a chopping motion.


    He likewise is granted increased speed and should be capable of dodging gun and tank fire of the time.


    Battleship class Ubermensch are completely invulnerable to all types of modern weaponry including small arms fire, tank fire, anti-tank fire and even recently Siegelinde has taken ship fired ordinance with no damage.

    Werner has taken anti-tank fire with zero problems and was unstoppable to any conventional Soviet Weaponry. He eventually was shown vulnerable to V2 Distortion Halos deployed in mass.

    Distortion Halos

    Like all Ubermensch, Maria posses Distoration Halos, an energy projection and manipulation type ability.Other battleships are capable of wiping out bombers and tanks in mass with casual ease and can wipe other V2s just as easily.Battleship Class Distortion Halos are also the only known effective weapon against other Battleships.

    They also demonstrate matter manipulation with their Halos. After gaining inspiration from watching Klaudia dye her hair, Werner later practices his manipulation abilities specifically to kill Hitler. He shows the ability to sew Adolf's mouth shut and eventually tweaks a valve in his heart and kills him - disguising it as heart failure.


    All Ubermensch suffer a weakness of fatigue. In this state they are incredible vulnerable and can be killed much more easily. Although the Battleships themselves display a very high tolerance against this weakness, they still suffer from it. Klaudia was incapacitated for days by being over deployed for a period of 6 hours.

    Although the exact time limit for the Battleships deployment is not yet known, it seems a period of about 8 hours of continual combat before stopping for rest is ideal. Still, each Battleship is fully capable of supporting an entire German front.


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