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    One of the three Battleship-class Ubermensch the German forces use to battle the Russians during WWII.

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    Current Events

    Markus recently engaged Werner in a small scuffle after he believed Werner had killed Hitler, this apparently has proved to be false despite Werner seeing him die (to be confirmed later)


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    Although the circumstances of Markus' becoming a Battleship are not yet known, it appears Markus was conditioned for violance at a very young age by his mother after his father died fighting the communists. She constantly instructed him in the art of war via war games and taught him to hate the Jewish people in particular.

    Markus thus displays incredible violent tendencies. Both Werner and Klaudia make note of his sadist qualities and refer to him as a monster.

    Character Evolution

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    Siegfried and his strikeforce serve as the first Ubermensch to be deployed en masse in open combat, a task which he happily executes. Through overwhelming force Siegfried and his men, with artillery support provided by Strikeforce Sieglinde, completely route the Belorussian front inflicting heavy causalities with zero of their own. His forces then patrol the city in small groups, and carry out "terror raids" that prefer to brutalize and scare the enemy rather than wipe all out forces as would be possible. They priotize the killing of officers and enforce mass terror propaganda. Siegfried himself also adopts a high ground position and conducts, quite effectively, anti-air duties wiping out soviet bombers in masse.

    Through combined effort with both task force Sieglinde and Siegmund, Markus and the Ubermensch force the capitulation of some 1,000,000 soviet soldiers and the Battle of Berlin is a resounding victory for the Reich.

    Siegfried later is the first Battleship presented to Hitler and under his orders happily executes the Soviet prisoners. Later he executes General Sankt, the man responsible for the formation and creation of Ubermensch forces under Hitler's orders.

    After the Battle of Berlin, Siegfried's taskforce headed south towards Romania - specifically Ploesti which was a huge source of German Oil. By June 3rd his forces had torn through Soviet lines and recaptured the oil fields. Siegfried was then later secretly withdrawn from the area, though the belief that he was still present was enough to prevent any counter attacks to the area.

    Later, Siegfried is deployed near the end of the Battle of Paris to cover taskforce Siegelinde's retreat.

    Siegfried, like the other Battleships has thus been kept off the front lines, waiting for further orders.


    Markus is a true National Socialist in every sense of the world. He displays an enormous amount of Loyal to Hitler and quickly becomes the Furher's favorite Battleship. He even happily executes General Sankt, the main responsible for the creation and formation of the Ubermensch armies, under Hitler's orders.

    Markus is also noted as being a sadist by his fellow battleships on multiple occasions. In one of his earliest appearance, he nonchalantly executes a would-be deserter and also executes a near-million Soviet POWs with a smile on his face.

    He reveals in warfare and is giddy when battle approaches. He was even disappointed when Sieglinde was chosen to assassinate Churchill over him.

    Even as a child, Markus was conditioned for violence by his mother. Taught to hate Jews, Markus would eventually kill one as a child by throwing boiling plastic on his face.

    Powers and Abilities

    Although the process is still being understood, the creation of Ubermensch begins with giving them treatments of an alien material known as Woden's Blood. Approximately one in five thousand humans can undertake treatments - those who cannot immediately die when touching the material.

    Most humans can take three treatments, resulting it a common Panzermensch with enchanced speed, strength, invulnerability and an energy projection/manipulation ability referred to as distortion Halos. Later, different types of Ubermensch are created, some sacrificing their Halo ability for greater physical prowess or vice versa.

    Even rarer are humans who can handle more treatments of Woden's blood. The strongest being referred to as Battleships, which can handle a total of 24 treatments. Markus is one of these such Battleships.


    Markus, as a battleclass ship Ubermensch is granted an enormous amount of strength. Although his own appearances are minor, his strength level should be around the 30+ ton range, fully capable of toss tanks around the battlefield. Markus himself has shown be able to casually rip men in half and slap the guns off tanks with ease.


    He likewise is granted increased speed and should be capable of dodging gun and tankfire of the time.


    Battleship class Ubermensch are completely invulernable to all types of modern weaponary including small arms fire, tank fire, anti-tank fire and even recently Siegelinde has taken ship fired ordinance iwth no damage.

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    Distortion Halos

    Like all Ubermensch, Markus posses' Distoration Halos, an energy projection and manipulation type ability.Other battleships are capable of wiping out bombers and tanks in masse with casual ease and can wipe other V2s just as easily.Battleship Class Distoration Halos are also the only known effective weapon against other Battleships.

    They also demonstrate matter manipulation with thier Halos. Klaudia was able to dye her hair and create a giant bridge with her Halos (seemingly out of nothing.). Maria herself has been able to transmute the earth into food to sustain herself.

    Markus however, has thus far shown no ability to manipulate matter with his Halos and has only thus far displayed conventional attack with them, cutting down and vaporizes bombers, men and tanks.


    All Ubermensch suffer a weakness of fatigue. In this state they are incredible vulernable and can be killed much more easily. Although the Battleships themselves display a very high tolerance against this weakness, they still suffer from it. Klaudia was incapicated for days by being overdeployed for a period of 6 hours.

    Although the exact time limit for the Battleships deployment is not yet known, it seems a period of about 8 hours of cotinual combat before stopping for rest is ideal. Still, each Battleship is fully capable of supporting an entire German front.


    Siegfried suffered a major defeat thanks to a joint effort by USS Colossus and the team Zephyr, led by Charles Rivers. The Nazis brute strength had little effect against the team Zephyr as it was made up of a new form of enhanced human with super speed; they were able to successfully deliver minor, but repeated, cuts to his flesh until he bled to death.


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