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Powers and Abilities

Siegfried is an extremely talented martial artist who specializes Go no Sen which seems to be based on Wing Chuan counter moves. Siegfried is very acrobatic using various spins, jumps, kicks, and posture changes in his fighting style and can even turn his head around 180 degrees. After is additional training in Tibet Siegfried as become an Expert level fighter with even Hayato Furinji commenting on his skill and saying he will reach Master Class eventually. Siegfried's style is completely based on counters though so he needs his opponent to attack him in order to perform any move in his repertoire. Siegfried can though copy another moves based on observation, like when Siegfried posed as Hermit for the Shinpaku Alliance. Siegfried's greatest attribute seems to be his endurance and durability, his fighting style calls for him to get hit even though he shifts his body weight to roll off the force of the attack, has swam in a deep river to join a battle with Ragnarok with 3 broken ribs, and fight Berserker and walk away. Siegfried's speed is also enhanced to the point where he ran from Tibet to Japan. Siegfried has other talents as well as he seems to be an amateur magician and a genius musician who is going to school on a music scholarship.


  • Meikai no Waltz - Siedfried first grabs his opponent from behind and then knees them in the side.
  • Nirvana No Canon - Siegfried's basic technique where he pirouettes on one foot with his arms aloft and uses the rotational force to either counter his opponents attacks or enhance the force of his own attacks.
  • Nirvana No Canon Vertical - Siegfried cartwheels into the air and uses the rotational force to either counter his opponents attacks or enhance the force of his own attacks.
  • Requiem Buster - Siedgfried latches himself onto the back of an airborne opponent and then pile drives them into the ground.
  • Senpu no Da Capo - Siegfried falls backwards then spreads out his legs to perform a whirlwind kick then tucks one leg in to strike with the other, falls back into a thrust kick aimed towards him, and finally stands up and goes into a back kick.
  • Tenshi no Sasayaki - A close-combat technique that Siegfried perfected in Tibet where, after locking his body around a target (or vice-versa) in a position where his head is right next to the victim's, Siegfried begins to inhale large amounts of air through his mouth, causing his mid-section to swell up dramatically. Then after clearing his throat like an opera singer, Siegfried would lean in close to one of the ears of the victim to yell a deafening powerful enough to be heard throughout an entire coliseum, effectively disorienting the victim into unconsciousness.

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