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John Kelly was the first attempt at creating a Deathlok cyborg created by the co-head of the C.I.A, for U.S. Army purposes. Harlan Ryker, the C.I.A co-head, studied the Deathlok body of Luther Manning for awhile before he created the John Kelly Deathlok.


John Kelly was the first Deathlock in the 616 Marvel Universe and first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #62.

Mayor Story Arcs

Taking Control

As Deathlok, John Kelly killed himself when his emotions took control of the body. John Kelly's mind and brain however were backed up within the machine and later transferred to a different model of cyborg, named Siege. Siege continued battling for the Army.

The Inititative

When the Superhuman Registration Act was enforced, a soldier for his country, John had no problems with signing up. Tony Stark soon appointed Siege as the leader of The Command, the official Initiative team of Florida.

Marvel Zombies

When on a mission to the Florida swamplands with his team, the Command, they were attacked by a zombie Deadpool from another reality. When he was infected by the zombie virus, his cybernetic half deemed him as a threat and terminated him.


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