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    John Kelly was the first attempt at creating a Deathlok cyborg. However, when the project failed he was killed. His brain patterns were later discovered by Michael Collins, as Deathlok, and reluctantly digitized into another cyborg body. John Kelly became the cyborg known as Siege.

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    John Kelly was the first Deathlock in the 616 Marvel Universe and first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #62.


    A soldier in the U.S Army, Colonel John Kelly returned from war due to public sentiment turning against it. Consaquently the war was left unfinished, Kelly resented having to "run" and few civilians celebrated or could even understand his actions. Kelly became a police officer, employing increasingly brutal methods in his war against crime. His work alienated his family, and Kelley's wife and daughter left him. Eventually Harlan Ryker recruited him to Cybertek as a test subject for military cyborgs, and Kelly jumped at a chance to finalt be a winner.

    John Kelly was the first attempt at creating a Deathlok cyborg created by the co-head of the C.I.A, for U.S. Army purposes. Harlan Ryker, the C.I.A co-head, studied the Deathlok body of Luther Manning for awhile before he created the John Kelly Deathlok.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Taking Control

    As Deathlok, John Kelly was killed by the Deathlok operating system when he tried to assert his control against mission parameters. When his brain had to be removed from the Deathlok body, scientist Billy Hansen kept Kelly's brain, and experimented with using nanofluid to resuscitate Kelly. When his experiments seemed to fail, he disposed of Kelly's brain.

    The Biohazard Agenda

    Despite Hansen's beliefs that the experiments had failed, the nanofluid had indeed managed to alter Kelly's brain. The brain began to mutate and grow, becoming a basic organism that could feed on the brain matter of other organisms. As it did so, it got larger and more humanoid, becoming the monster known as Biohazard. It also started to desperately try to reconstruct Kelly's consciousness. Every time it fed it also absorbed the memories of its victim, so it started to hunt down and consume anyone who had knowledge of what had happened to him. By consuming the brain of Billy Hansen, it learned that Michael Collins now inhabited his body, and that Michael's brain contained the Deathlok operating system and a back-up of Kelly's memories. Biohazard created a body double, which, disguised as Hansen, managed to get close to Collins before transforming into a copy of Biohazard and attacking the Collins family. Meanwhile Biohazard's main body tracked down Kelly's estranged family, believing that consuming their brains would allow him to keep them close to him and regain some semblance of Kelly's personality.

    Collins managed to destroy the duplicate Biohazard with the help of S.H.I.E.L.D agent Earl Angstrom, and the two than confronted Biohazard and stopped him from killing Kelly's family. Deathlok than removed Kelly's brain from Biohazard and Angstrom killed the biohazard body. Kelly's brain was subsequently placed in S.H.I.E.L.D custody.


    Trying to understand Kelly's motivations, Michael Collins opened Kelly's memory files, but they unexpectedly manifested as a digital consciousness, one that was disgusted by Collin's pacifism and perceived weakness. Although Michael maintained control, Kelly began to manifest as another voice within Michael's consciousness.

    As Collins underwent a mission alongside the Wild Pack to defeat Harlan Ryker's new cyborg creations the Cyberwarriors Kelly continued to urge him to use Deathlok's full potential. When Kelly was fed up with Collins's pacifism, he found a way to transfer his consciousness to one of the Cyberwarriors, becoming the cyborg Siege. Siege decimated the other Cyberwarriors, forcing the Cybertek scientists into full retreat, but realized that his cyborg body could no longer feel the rush of combat. He chased after the scientists, determined the finish the job. Unlike Deathlok, he callously accepted the death of civilians at the hands of the Cyberwarriors, seeing stopping Cybertek as the primary objective.

    As Siege
    As Siege

    After the battle was over, Deathlok and Siege chewed each other out, with Deathlok calling Siege a murderer and a monster, and Siege blaming Deathlok's softness for civilian casualties. Deathlok almost killed Siege, with Siege daring him to finally be a killer, but Nick Fury intervened. Fury incapacitated Siege, and ordered Deathlok to give up the mission, but Siege broke free. Deciding the mission was more important than his feud with Collins, Siege held off S.H.I.E.L.D, urging Deathlok to finish the job and regain his human body. Siege, careful not to kill any S.H.I.E.L.D soldiers, made certain that Deathlok got away, but was caught in an explosion, leaving him buried in rubble.

    When he freed himself, he hunted down Ryker, Jacobs, and Mainframe, blaming them for his death, and planned to kill them. Deathlok and Coldblood arrived, determined to stop Siege from killing Ryker. Ryker threatened to trigger a nuclear bomb, leveling Paris and trapping Deathlok and Siege in a stand-off.

    Siege, Coldblood and Deathlok were forced to team up and disarm the bomb, allowing Ryker to escape. The cyborg heroes decided to work together to destroy the remaining Cyberwarriors. They managed to capture Ryker, and Siege left, free to live his own life, and believing that there still might be rogue Cyberwarriors in the hands of terrorists.


    Siege and Collins began to work together as partners, wprking together to take down criminals like Scorpion.

    On one occasion, the two were recruited by the time-traveller Godwulf to fight the villain Timestream. They traveled through time, preventing Timestream's plans to kill Deathlok at key points in history. They were briefly stranded in the liminal space between timelines, but were rescued by Justice Peace.

    Ultimately, they confronted Timestream in the past of the 616 timeline. Timestream planned to kill his younger self, before he gained his chronal powers, causing a paradox that would obliterate the timeline entirely. Siege helped to hold Timestream off, until Collins could defeat the villain using the Nth Projector. With the timeline preserved, Justice Peace returned Siege and Collins to their proper place in the timeline.

    The Initiative

    When the Superhuman Registration Act was enforced, a soldier for his country, John had no problems with signing up. Tony Stark soon appointed Siege as the leader of The Command, the official Initiative team of Florida.

    Marvel Zombies

    When on a mission to the Florida swamplands with his team, the Command, they were attacked by a zombie Deadpool from another reality. When he was infected by the zombie virus, his cybernetic half deemed him as a threat and terminated him.


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