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Just Good Enough

SIEGE: Young Avengers

While this issue wasn’t as high on my list as the Loki one-shot, it was still good. There were a lot of elements in the book that made you smile. Unlike the pouty Bucky-Cap book this one seems to have more intense character development by far.

We get to see some growth from most of the Young Avengers cast and even possible from a Wrecking Crew member.

This story takes place immediately after Asgard has fallen and deals with all the Young Avengers save Stature and Vision. (They are in the totally awesome Thunderbolts tie-in right now.) Wiccan and Hulking delve further into their relationship when Wiccan admits he has always been a Norse nerd. (He did call himself the Asgardian at one time.) They stumble upon the wrecking crew defiling some Norse relics….but what one of the crew’s members doesn’t want to pilfer Holy sites. I do like how the writer gives a nod to the fact that the Wrecking Crew received their powers from Asgard. This battle heats up and we see how awesome Wiccan can be.

Meanwhile Speed is busy rescuing survivors in his effort to find Hawkeye and Patriot among the rubble of the fallen city. He feels like he is failing, and that he can’t be fast or good enough to get the job done. In steps a veteran Avenger to give him the pep talk he needs to keep going.

Fortunately Patriot and Hawkeye are able to rescue themselves. There is arguing of course and the whole aspect of knowing they might be in their tomb buried under the rubble of Asgard. This is an interesting part of the book that you’ll have to pick up yourself to see, but the book is worth picking up for sure.

3 out of 5 Mythically enchanted looters.    

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