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Review: Siege: Young Avengers

The Young Avengers do the best they can in the face of the Siege. Hulkling and Wiccan battle the loot-happy Wrecking Crew, Patriot and Hawkeye work their way out from rubble they've been caught under and Speed pushes himself to the limit to save as many as he can.
Mahmud A. Asrar is an excellent artist. One to certainly look out for over the next few years. I think the best compliment I can give him is that his style was almost invisible. That is, I was so wrapped up in his storytelling that I was never really thinking about his technique or the logistics of his drawings, as I was for Siege: Captain America McKeever's characterization of Hawkeye is a stand-out, here. It felt real, in the respect to how's she's teasing Patriot while, at the same time, using that teasing to get him to step up to his role as a leader.
Some of the pep talks in this story get a little corny, especially in comparison to the similar monologues that Gage pulled off in Siege: Captain America. Those felt authentic, while these felt canned at some times. Also, while I can see it being a cute "relationship banter" for Wiccan to admit to being a "Norse Nerd" to Hulkling, it seemed a little forced. Wouldn't it be obvious that a kid modeled after Thor would know a lot about Norse mythology?
While Asrar hasn't fully come into a style that's immediately identifiable as his own, he's still done exceptional work here. Just as it was the case for Siege: Captain America, this was a lot better executed than a cross-over tie-in usually needs to be. Despite some forced dialogue, this was satisfying installment in the Young Avengers' continuing soap opera of action and relationships.

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